Someone who read my post about how I see the world informed me that my description of how I perceive the world, sounds very much like someone experiencing an LSD trip or DMT trip.  He commented that he thought living like I live, would be very much like living permanently on a “trip’ and that it would be very challenging to live like that.  I agree with his assessment.  Many people, who partake in Ayahuasca, come back saying that they experienced the world like I see it while on the medicine.  Speaking of which, my sensory integration “squeeze” vest came in the mail yesterday.  This morning is the first time I’ve tried it.  And what is my opinion?  It is heaven!  I’ve already been able to successfully stop a panic attack with it.  I’ve decided it will be really good to use in order to help myself come back from my nightly out of body excursions.  For whatever reason, it grounds me and helps me re orient in this dimension.  I’m quite in love with it.  It really does feel like being hugged tightly in all of the perfect places.  I feel secure with my rib cage and chest being compressed.  The static buzz of life is sedated by it.  It is heavenly and now I’m attached to it.  I still have it on as I type this.  Enough about that, I have more exciting stuff to talk about that was discussed out of body last night.


Independence is bullshit.  So is powerlessness dependence.  Both opposites, are illusion.  Self-sufficiency and self-reliance has been glorified.  Indeed, it is an empowering idea when we feel powerless to each other, which so many of us do.  But self-sufficiency, like anger is merely on the way to true alignment.  It is not all the way there.  We need each other.  End of story.  People need each other.  And need, while it may imply focus on the lack, is still indicative of our deepest desires.  Which are love, intimacy and connectedness.  And we will not live if we do not allow ourselves to line up with our deepest desires.  The most self-loving thing a person can do is not to become self-sufficient and try to become a fulfilled unit in and of themselves.  The most self-loving thing a person can do, is to allow themselves to accept themselves fully and merge with others.  Only then, can we become the living embodiment of oneness.   The independent self-reliance that has been glorified in the modern, western world is indeed one of the unhealthiest patterns that has ever emanated from our time space reality.  Empowerment is not the same thing as separate individualization.

We tell a lie in the self-help industry, that we cannot hope to be in a good relationship if we are not ok in and of ourselves first.  But a crucial part of our well-being is merging with others.  A person cannot be a universe in and of themselves.  The ego is the only one that says they can.  We have all attached to a profoundly sick ideal, because we have been raised on it, we believe in it so deeply, we do not question it.  We feel guilt for our level of “need” for each other.  But this “need” is simply a universal truth peeking through, telling us that we are not and cannot be separate.  In an interdependent world, dependency is an absolute of our existence.   It is as much a truth as you create your own reality is a truth.  This world is a mirror, and you are dependent on the reflection because in this universe, it is every bit as much you, as you are.


Simply put… anger feels better than powerlessness.  That is why it benefits people to get angry.  And independence feels better than powerless victimhood.  That is why it benefits people to get independent.  But if our progression stops there, we will never find true happiness and our civilization will never progress.  The teaching of independent self-reliance, is a step on the ladder from powerlessness to empowerment, like anger.  But we worship it as if it were all the way there.  As if it were empowerment.  True empowerment cannot be experienced in individualization.  Happiness is meaningless, if it is not shared.

I am sure a great many people will see this blog entry as a justification of my own desires to merge with another person.  After all, I wrote an entire blog about Monophobia, as if that desire was only the shameful byproduct of negative circumstances.  But the truth is this situation has forced me to do excessive searching within the universe for answers.  And I’ve found many of them.  And some of them contradict the sacred truths we all believe in today’s society.  I cannot tell you how many people tell me that I need to learn how to be ok alone.  This contradicts basic human biology, which is resistant to ourselves.  It is taking an avoidant position to dealing with attachment.  Which is in and of itself resistant in nature.  And it implies that you cannot find yourself within a relationship.  This is all illusion.  Separation of any kind is ultimately illusion.  It only benefits us to indulge in that illusion, if we are suffering as a result of our perceived enmeshment.  Dependence is not powerlessness.  That is… it doesn’t have to be.  Especially, when we have the power to create our own reality, and thus create what we are dependent on.


Does it really benefit us to believe that we can never be satisfied by someone else or with someone else?  This is it’s own kind of powerlessness.  Every bit as much as it is powerless to believe that we can only be satisfied by someone or someone else!  We’ve come out of one trap only to fall right into another one!  A painful one that causes us to have to pull ourselves up by our own emotional boot straps, invest in ourself as a single unit, which is the very definition of ego.  And so, ego has caught us again.


  • Cassandra Evangelista

    I agree :) I think that to be a complete energy and to function at our highest potential, we can benefit by surrounding ourselves with other people. From my own personal experience, I feel euphoria by being near others, even though I have Autism and social situations make me uncomfortable (terribly uncomfortable). But, when others are lacking around me, I feel empty and I can’t function at my full potential (whether it be studying, reading a book, even sleeping). The feeling of oneness and being alone is a debilitating feeling at times. Being independent is good, but we still need others to balance us.

  • And start the bugging of all changes ,

  • Where did you purchase this vest from? I’m interested in buying one, thanks :)

  • We are, most certainly, here to co-create and combine our gifts with other people, and all that we find here in our hologram. Aloneness is a symptom of the world-of-separation phase that we are just now breaking down.

  • You really nailed it today Teal ! We have to trust our own instincts that want to connnect and share fully with friends, lovers, family, nature etc… If my dogs resisted their true nature then they wouldn’t lick my face and wag their tails when I walk through the front door. What kind of world would that be ? Best Wishes, Dave.

    • The way you vividly write about your dogs remind me of Adam Douglas’ short story called maggie & trudie :)

    • Hi Dave, Strangely, and also,my first concept of a dependent relationship that works well is a dog and their owner. The love and loyalty a well trained dog shows for its master/mistress is akin to unconditional love. Dogs never pretend disinterest. They are very present with their affection.

      • Michael – You bring up a really good point good point, that hopefully, Teal will read and address. If we were to live or love unconditionally, the way dogs live, is there a dependency issue to be concerned with or are we as humans more self sufficient and intelligent to seperate the two? Would make for a good topic for Teal. Dave

  • That sounds great. But what if your need is of a kind, or so big that it repels people?
    Then expressing your need, will lead to yet another rejection, which again enforces your emotional hunger and pain. And on and on it goes. If you never got your emotional needs met from your mother, then when you grow up, your need for closeness is still the little childs need, but boyfriends mostly just want to f*ck.
    And they are very rarely capable of or willing to give that kind of contact.
    So you end wanting bodily contact, comfort, tenderness, but getting screwed literally and metaphorically.

    It is my experience that there are not many people who have much to offer in terms of emotional nourishment. Almost everybody are so deprived and engulfed in their own egotistical perspective, that they are not really interested in getting to know you if you need something from them. They feel burdened and suffocated by this. In stead people want something from you; sex, attention, support, loyalty, services, money, entertainment, etc. If you´re an asset to them, they want to be friends. But if you need something from them, they give you the cold shoulder.

    I hate asking anything of people because most of the time I get rejected. So being self-sufficient
    is a kind of relief, from constantly being reminded that people simply don´t care about what I like or want. Or care to provide me with it.

    Yes, physical existence is inter-dependant, which to me is the most sophisticated presciption of
    frustration and emotional torture, because you can never demand that people love you. You cannot count on them being there for you.

    • Hi Maria, Your comment fits a game called “Isn’t awful.” I am guessing that some where along the way, you have learned to enjoy being put down. You are looking for confirmation that something is wrong with the world. (blame, shame and guilt) It is true there are a lot of uncaring and emotionally unaware men and women out there. Busting through their armour will become easy when you are open and honest with what you want. By that I mean making a decision in your private mind. try not speaking about your needs, act on them. Try asking the three simple questions but with a focus on choosing. It is all about choice. Who am I, why am I here, what do I want? Drop the idealic answers that spiritual guides offer. Choose qualities that fit you. Help your propective partner to wake up to the love that you are allowing to come through you. Look for a quality of love and caring that arises spontaneously from them as a reflection of what you choose to reveal about your self. As you say, you can never demand that people love you.

      I am telling myself this. In my teenage years I use to wonder when I would have a love affair and feel special. It has never happened and now I am glad because those who I use to be envious of, suffered the consequences. Premature parenting, financial hardship, legal battles over children and property and heart ache. Some would say that is part of life and learning. It is only on retrospect that I realize that the girls who were just good solid buddies who were transparent about what they wanted and not necessarily all that physically attractive have turned out to be the successful ones. As you would guess, I am happily single and childless. BUT I may still know the thrill of love at first sight. Advice: Keep on complaining till you get sick of hearing yourself. Love your condtion.

      • I´m sorry if I gave the impression that I was complaining. I just tried to adopt Teal´s way of looking at things. And accepting that the fulfillment of my emotional needs is in the hands of other people (dependance), is just giving me a feeling of desperation.
        You see, I´ve been a spiritual seeker for decades, and most spiritual traditions stresses the importance of killing/transcending your desires, in order to know happiness. So accordingly, I´ve worked on that, and finally succeeded in finding a kind of peace. Now Teal comes along, saying the exact opposite, which of course is quite frustrating, because it nullifies the validity of my struggles.

        Luckily I´m quite happy in my own company. So being alone is not something that grates on me. But if we´re meant to be together, celebrating our inter-dependance,
        then obviously something is lacking in my life, because most (if any at all) people are not able or willing to give me what I want, and what I have to give is generally not appreciated. So either there is something wrong with this model of inter-dependance, or …I don´t know.

        I mean, if it´s crucial that we get our needs met by other people, why is it so common that we don´t? Is the message to be extracted from this fact of life, not that we have to withdraw to a dimension where fulfillment of needs or not, is not an issue?

        The fact is, that most of us are deprived and traumatized in some way, exactly because our needs/desires are NOT being met by our surroundings. Which means that either there IS something wrong or inadequate with the world, OR something wrong or inadequate with us as human beings.
        If there is nothing wrong anywhere, then trauma is just a trifling matter. A mere illusion to be discarded with a shrug, which it obviously isn´t.

        • Hi Maria, You have made some very important points. The society we are born into determines what emotional needs will be developed. Other than the basic survival needs of food and shelter we are born a blank slate with a blue print that gets filled in by what ever models are presentented. Children who are abandonned in an orphanage with little stimulation have a trait of rocking on their bottoms and moaning. It is their brains effort to stay viable. Without external stimulation the mind creates its own reality from what ever is stored there. Hence insanity arises in people who are kept in solitary confinement and sensory deprivation. This is the extreme of what independence can produce but the majority of us are somewhere between that state and being overwhelmed by the external world. Finding a balance is very difficult because there are so many variables. Impoverished environments come in many forms. An emotionally balanced child may end up with no life skills or street wisdom because of doting parents who, for good reasons, never let their child deal with dangerous situations. Disfunctional parents can produce genius or extreme forms of mental illness.

          By your good grasp of concepts and your erudite use of language, I am certain you are light years ahead of most people in your ability to create a satisfactory life. The idea that interdependance has been negated in favour of supporting independence is not a new understanding. The problems are caused by either extreme. There is room for both independence and interdependence. Teal is tugging us back to the centre. You appear to have been sorting out what works for you. I have been criticized for spending so much time on my own practising piano yet the joy that it brings me makes my life full and on the occasions I perform publicly, the joy of sharing the product of this solitary time rewards me a thousand fold. I am use to women pulling the plug on relations with me as soon as they find they are not the centre of my life. As Teal advises, focus on what is right about you and the world. Many problems will just be crowed out and die from lack of attention. Thanks

          By the way, my response is concerned with space/time matter. With OBEs a whole world of different opperating systems open up. Master space/time first. That appears to be why we are here. Enjoy what it offers.

          • Thank you for your kind words and thorough answer, Michael.
            It´s been a pleasure communicating with you.

            Thank you for taking the time. :)

  • Interesting…I always thought of dependency as a feminine trait, and I guess it was just bound to be criticized for being so, by both women and men. You’re the only woman I know who is a great example of the divine feminine. Other famous women, I feel, adopt masculine traits because they think those are the only traits that are ideal, even though I question if they are influenced by outside forces or if they truly feel that masculinity within themselves. “I’m a strong, independent woman!” is a popular theme going around today – you know??

  • Interesting… Not sure if I agree.

  • Teal,
    Perhaps we created the illusion of separateness in order to understand how we are more powerful as one with extraordinary parts in every cell working together in our own marvelous way.

    I also have a question for you, what do you think of what is happening in Fukushima and the Pacific ocean with the radiation levels? I often hear how strong it is and it is affecting the United States but mostly the Pacific ocean life, Do you see radiation along with the other things that you see?

    Warm Wishes,

    A friend

  • I think this is an important topic and it resonates with me in a lot of ways, and I’d like to share my thoughts on it. I’ve developed self-sufficiency with the end goal of it enabling me to connect with people in healthier ways. Trust is a huge factor in all of this. And the ladder to trust includes the rungs of self-reliance, resilience, and discernment. If you trust someone to be reliable and they let you down, then you have to rely on yourself long enough to find someone else to rely on. And finding those reliable people takes discernment and often times vulnerability.

    The fear that developing independence was somehow separating me from others was always in the back of my mind, and it’s helpful to see it as one leg of the journey. Taking the time to be, for lack of a better term, self-absorbed, I feel has been a necessary part of being able to share love and happiness. Being confident in my ability to find and make connections which are mutually beneficial to survival and happiness I think is an important step that, in least in my case, has been developed from the inside out.

    And that development of course came through application with other people. So independence cannot be known without the contrast of the other. In this way even independence is inherently dependent.

    All that being said, I think the idea of being with a “needy” person is a real thing, and it can cause problems in relationships. “Needy” is perhaps a misnomer as it’s not the need that’s the problem, but rather the way that the person goes about trying to fulfill those needs. In instances where someone is being manipulative or abusive in order to get what they need, it’s important that the other party be self-reliant enough to discern that this is happening and make choices to either try to renegotiate the terms of the relationship or find someone else to be more harmonious with.

    Regardless of where you’re at, in my experience, you’re going to attract people in your life, whether you commit to some type of relationship with them or not, that will mirror your beliefs about and ability to be live harmoniously with them.

  • We should write out what we are searching for in a person. We should be specific. This will be our goal and ideal mate. Then allow Source and the Universe to bring it into manifestation.

  • Seen the movie Temple Grandin with Claire Danes? She’s an autistic person and in one of the scenes is she creates a wooden box with ropes and pulleys to make the box squeeze her upper torso. She puts herself into the box to calm down, collect herself when she feels on the edge or needs grounding.

    • As a child I enjoyed digging caves in a sand cliff by the sea and wriggling into them. Return to the womb? (The cliff collapsed a few years later.) I was a breech birth and one of identical twins, second born so maybe I missed out on the normal birthing pressure that triggers some growth process in the nervous system of the baby in preparation for the cold hard world of light and air.

  • We should write down what we desire in a mate. Make it a goal and review it often. Then allow Source and the Universe to manifest it into reality.

  • That darned ego, it did get us again. It is sneaky. I believe too people could be free to be happier if they wouldn’t be afraid to go against the teachings in society and turn to others when they needed support and love. Then they wouldn’t need to turn to the government so much for help.

  • I feel like I’m drinking a very hydrating glass of water after realizing I’ve been dehydrated for a long time. Thank you for sharing this info!

    I can see how the self-reliance phase might be a necessary part of humanity’s progression. We’ve struggled with healthy ways of defining needs/trying to get our needs met which have resulted in abusive or power/control dynamics. So we may have grown out of (well, generally speaking but obviously these dynamics are alive and well in many relationships still) the need to feel powerful, to a feeling of empowerment that we tried to define from “within” vs going outside of ourselves in destructive ways, and now it’s time to remember that we need each other and act on it in loving instead of fear-based ways. Maybe we’re coming up on the self-reliance graduation, and now getting to the reeeally good stuff. Finally! It feels so good to be reaching this new rung on the ladder!

  • Thank you so much for writing this! I used to exclaim “Co-dependant and proud!” just to p*** off pc friends! It was a way of saying I was in love and didn’t care what anyone thought, (as this person and I shared something powerful). Many years later, a better understanding of the difference between co-dependant and interdependant. Interdependance is an artful dance – a beautiful choreography of need, balance, respect and affection.
    So glad that you’re so happy and off on another creative flight! oxoxo

  • We need others simply because that is our way to evolve!! There wouldn’t be any evolution if we didn’t communicate with others and have intimate relationships, because we mirror each other. This is our way to learn to know ourselves, even though for a long time we are not conscious of it. And as long as we are unconscious of what we are learning, relationships will often be awfully painful, we are always getting what we NEED to evolve (which is not necessarily what we want)! We are all teachers to each other and we are constantly searching for unity with Source through others.
    Lots of love to you always.

    • Hi FRIDA, What you say here is so true and concise. I would thrive with a girl friend like you. It is a beautiful understanding to be conscious of our search for unity with Source through others. Every relationship becomes perfectly part of one’s conscious expansion into Universal Mind. Thanks.

  • Steven Nicolaides

    I agree with some of this, even those who have renounced the world and wandering sages still depend on donations. Siddhartha tried to be complety independent and did not succeed. Hence his teaching of balance.

  • So, upon further reflection about this, my train of “thought” was the following: If it excites you to be alone, be alone until you prefer otherwise. If it excites you to be in a relationship, be in one until you prefer otherwise. If it excites you to have a particular type of relationship, then have it, until you prefer something different. It seems the catch is, to be sure that you are choosing the reality to resonate with based on what excites you, rather than being afraid of the opposite. Your excitement automatically takes your natural needs into account.

    Here’s the catch that would often get me, however. Because I could sense that there was some fear of being alone (of which I am now VERY experienced with), the fear would not only magnetize being alone to me, but the fear of the fear of being alone would reinforce it. I made an enemy of fear. When I realized that fear is simply a signal of when I choose to operate in a belief system that is out of alignment with my True Self, and I embraced it as such, AND I realized that the fear did not negate the actual excitement for a relationship that was also in the mix, things began to change. I embraced the fears, and began integrating those parts of myself, rather than pushing them away, as well as turning my focus towards the excitement that was in the mix, choosing to more magnetize with that portion of the energy.

    Now, a final hurdle that came up was, “If I’m not all ‘perfect’ then I’ll attract a difficult relationship.” To which I realized that the only “difficulty” would be the relationship bringing out the parts of myself that needed to be integrated, and then transformed as needed, and that this is a GREAT reason to have a relationship, no matter what fears may be involved. There is no “perfect” idea of the self or relationships. There is simply what is currently preferred. The only way you can find out is to become more of who you really are, of which challenging relationships are a perfect tool. So, by releasing the fear of challenging relationships, and embracing them totally with appreciation for the part of this journey they can serve, any growth that needs to happen can go ahead and happen, and I can be fine with long term, short term, monogamous, polyamorous, challenging, easy, whatever! Why? Because it’s all an adventure to learning more about who I really am, what I really prefer, and giving them an opportunity to do the same.

    Working well for me, anyway. ;-)

    On another note: Teal, I encourage you to look up “belt meridians.” Research, search the collective, and learn to utilize them. They are horizontal channels that run around the body like belts in different places. When the communists took over China and burned a lot of the Qi Gong knowledge, they especially destroyed a lot of knowledge on the belt channels. There’s very little out there. Why? My suspicion is because of how important they are for the coherence that they create within the different wei qi fields. That is my current experience, anyway. I suspect the pressure vest creates a similar effect.

    Please play with locating, based on your own sensory, the belt channels of your body. Play with stimulating them. They should circulate both directions. I haven’t honed in on whether each belt channel is two channels or just one in which the energy polarities goes both ways. Either way, I’ll sometimes just stimulate it by focusing my attention on it with the intention of it energizing and clearing. That is usually enough. I would love to know how it works out. Perhaps you can help with restoring the knowledge on such channels. ;-)

    Also, doing what’s called “Ha’s” has helped my friends with anxiety and panic attacks. You simply raise the hands with a deep inhale, and then make the “Haaaaaa” sound, so that it vibrates your hear, in a descending tone, while lowering the hands in front of you, fingers towards each other, palms down, and hands relaxed. Allow the excess energy to flow out of your heart, down your legs, and into the Earth. Great to do when bare foot on bare Earth. This is a Medical Qi Gong sound for the heart. Doing this multiple times can have a really strong effect.

    Finally, a lot of my friends who have a high anxiety, and are psychic, often keep their tongues at the top of their mouth, with the tip of it touching the back of their top teeth. I have also done this all of my life. This keeps the fire channel connected and can overheat the body, and overstimulate the heart and nerves. It can cause psychic ability to become too much, especially when under stress. This usually results in such friends having anxiety attacks that take them completely into their heads, and even can result in “hallucination.”

    What I have recommended that seems to help a good bit across the board is to consciously keep the tongue at the bottom of the mouth, with the tip touching either the back of the bottom teeth, where the gums meet the teeth, or the bottom of the lower jaw. This connects the Earth channel to varying degrees. Usually they experience a strong difference within 30-60 minutes of keeping the tongue in this position. It has helped me quite a bit, as well.

    Hope that helps! :-)

  • John wangsgaard

    I am so enjoying reading about your adventures!

  • Best blog post yet. I myself have struggled with the “everything is inside you” thing and now understand how I got that all wrong. It’s refreshing to lay claim to our basic human needs and that part of being independant is being powerful enough to reach out and rely on others to help you meet those needs.
    If you think about it, God/Source sought to experience itself outside itself, hence we were created. But Source can’t experience Itself without us!. So as much in as we are dependant on Source, Source is dependant on us for the experience.

  • Michael Ramirez

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    The abundance of nutrients found in radish leaves is amazing. It has three times as much Vitamin A as that in livers and eels, 60% more of Vitamin B1 than that in fermented soybeans, two times as much Vitamin B2 as that in cow’s milk. It is extremely rich in iron and is an ideal food for nourishing blood. Radish leaves are the richest in Vitamin C, two and a half times as that in tangerines, four times as that in spinach, so discarding the leaves when eating the radish is really a waste. Radish leaves have a slightly pungent but pleasant and smooth taste. It is a very nutritious green-leaf vegetable that maintains a balance with the properties of the other part of the same plant: the edible part of the radish root. The special quality of the radish root and its leaves is another wonder and mystery of nature


    Carrot is rich in Beta Carotene, a very strong antioxidant, and other minerals that are easily absorbed by the human body. The body changes Beta Carotene into Vitamin A, which is important in strengthening the immune system and promoting healthy cell growth. It is also rich in lignin and INDD that help fight cancer and boost up two to three times the human immunity.


    Mushrooms are rich in dietary fibres, and minerals like potassium, iron, etc. It is high in B vitamins and ergosterol that will be converted to Vitamin D in the presence of sunlight, which is essential for utilization of calcium. Mushroom has a polysaccharide compound called lentinan which helps produce T-cells to destroy bacteria and viruses and has anti-cancer, anti-tumor effects, strengthening the immune system and fighting disease-causing organisms. Zinc and selenium in mushrooms also activate thymus in the chest that helps in T-cell production. Amino acids in mushrooms arealso effective for liver diseases.


    Dietary fibre in burdock is the richest among all root vegetables, which is best for prevention of diseases of the large intestine. It is also rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, calcium, etc. There is equal proportion of soluble and insoluble fibres that stimulate lactic acids, improve constipation and the discharge of cholesterols. It also enhances blood circulation, relieves internal wind and heat, clearing the lung and diminishing eczema, edema and body toxins, preventing cancer and arteriosclerosis. Its iron content makes it a good food supplement for ladies for skin-care purposes.


    Brown Rice Tea Recipe

    Another remedy that can be used in conjunction with the vegetable soup is brown rice tea. It is a good diuretic for ridding excess water from the body.

    For diabetics, it can bring the sugar level down by producing more natural insulin in the body. It cleanses the blood and blood vessel.

    A person with a heart condition drinking both soups in 20 days will be able to regulate their problem by drinking three cups per day. up

    For a regular cancer patient, about two cups.

    Ingredients :

    1 cup (250 cc or ml size) or 300 gms or 10 ounces brown rice

    16 cups or 4 litres or 4

    Note: only cook in stainless steel or glass.Do Not use any other cooking material and Do Not add other seasoning

  • Thank you for this great text. Love, Eliza

  • Deependent stuff! feels like watching the waves caress into harmony

    a brew warm in my breast, the path was already carved, as sand is shaped into diamonds

    sometimes the smile at your gaze is the sureness unseen

    i draw closer with every breath,

    nice catch with the ego btw:) Love you X

  • arturo villarreal

    ( I cannot tell you how many people tell me that I need to learn how to be ok alone.) True, most of the people tell us to go to the top of a mountain and “”connect with ourselves”"(they don’t do it themselves) but we also connect with ourselves when we connect with others, I believe that we are like cells of a big body called humanity, and no cell can be isolated of the rest of the cells………But I still believe that as a person is necessary to “”tune up”" your inner game in order to engage in a healthy and happy couple relationship.

  • “Happiness is meaningless, if it is not shared.” That makes me happy.

  • I agree wholeheartedly but it can still be true that we need an *extended period* of independence occaisionally in between periods of interdependence. It seems there is a balance to be aimed at here like in so many things. If we have had a tendency to over-dependence then we may need to rebalance from that, even as far as isolating ourselves a bit to gain some sense of independence again. Ideally we can at some point have both, they are actually not necessarily contradictory. We can be dependent on others but with our independence fully there as well if needed, and in fact surely that is the best way for such things?

  • It’s wonderful to be able to be alone. Or not. Both are great teachers and can be beneficial depending on the person and what’s going on for them. A relationship will be vastly different when two people who love themselves come together verses two people who hate themselves. Being alone is a great time to become the person you would like to attract.

  • Natasha Katsara

    OH MY GOD TEAL!!! I love it… BIG BIG BIG A-HA moment… I’m so gratefull you wrote that…Thank you. <3

  • So would you rather depend on someone to hug and hold you with love than inflate your self-sufficient “squeeze” vest?

  • Dear Teal,

    I’m trying to show my point of view: I take it from Abraham Hicks (and from my own feelings) – the fact that we are on some kind of leading edge, so I let myself listen to my own preferences and intuition – with the utmost respect, not less than to the messages from the beyond. I know that I always and every day want people in my life, this way or another, but I also like being alone, in at least a part of my day. It is very important to me to be able to express my individuality, and with that – to be understood (and loved!). I think I can give an example from food I like: No individuality, just oneness = ground soup with sweet potatoes and pumpkin. Individuality + oneness= minestrone soup. Mostly individuality = Rice with fried tofu on the side. I love them all. Each at its right time. Eventually of course they will all mix in my stomach… but this is not the main thing here, the main thing is enjoying and choosing different things. Respectfully, Noa

  • Wow! The triology (independence, ego, dependence) of your writing just reminded me the suggested id, ego, superego structure of human personality. Maybe we let the norms of the society and our expectations from the “other person” to interfere with our relationships so much that our disappointments lead us to return back to the self-reliant option and continue the travel from one end to the other back and forth. Maybe, if the ego manages to unconditionally love both the self and the other simultaneously, then the ego would collapse and the “love without attachment” superhero :) state would be realized. Isn’t it unconditional love that we look for from our parents, friends and lovers in the first place? Or maybe the true structure is id, ego, superego, higher self, and we need more interventions from the higher self at this point… Who knows?:) Best, best, best wishes!

  • Hi Teal, Excellent photos. The beach one looks like there are five women and three men.

    Regarding dependency, would you include your OBEs as containing meaningful dependence?

    It is said that a student of meditation travelled up to a remote cave in some area of Tibet to visit his master. The student asked the master, ” Don’t you think you are missing out on a lot of life by being alone here. Wouldn’t you enjoy a trip to London? The master replied, “I am London.”

    Is it reasonable to suspect the master was good at OBEs or have I missed the point of this story?

  • Hey Teal, love this blog and the one before it! I have this problem though! I’m a very independent person and I’ve got myself in a relationship 4 years ago with this guy and well needless to say he is very dependent on me but I can never depend on him for anything! He never has his half of the house payment on time so I have to cover for him. Hes always in the negatives of his bank account and never has any money for anything except for what HE wants to get. He has horrible credit and no responsibility when it comes to paying bills, he will skip the bill and get into serious debt because he knows I’m always there to just get what he can’t. We both have very good jobs but he just always seems to get by because he has me! I mean, he won’t ever have enough gas in his truck (which I cosigned for because he couldn’t get it with his horrible credit) so I have to drive, I mean the list goes on. I don’t know what I’m doing to have him match to me like this! Please, if anyone has any insight on this let me know! Is it because I resist being dependent that I’ve attractes such a dependent man??? Cuz I hate it! I feel like he’s pulling me down! I want to be able to rely on him but I can’t! : /

    • Hi Rachelle,
      Books have been written about this problem you have. You are in a RESCUER, VICTIM, PERSECUTOR TRIANGLE.
      Your partner has hooked you. You have taken the bait because it feeds your self worth. This kind of RESCUING IS A CRIME. You are robbing him of his lessons. Once you see this pattern and withdraw from it your present ‘victim’ partner will attempt some kind of retribution. Emotional blackmail is one tactic. He will try to make you the problem. This moves into PERSECUTION if you don’t take charge of your behaviour. Use the law to get your money. Get ahead of him. Don’t discuss what you are doing or you will be dragged into a long battle that suits him as a persecutor . Take a holiday from him and extend it after he has got use to you being absent with the reason that you have personal issues you need to sort out. DON’T EVER BLAME HIM or give him any reason to take hurt. Narcisistic Personality Disorder is worth understanding. How am I doing?

      • That would sound about right. There is no money I need to get back from him. I bought my house but he pays half of the mortgage because he in fact lives here. But its just I can’t ever depend on him. So are you saying I should kick hin out? Can this issue be solved within myself? I know that I attraced this into my life so how do I change this pattern?

  • Hi teal,I totally agree with what you say here,you have come into my life just recently,but may be this is the time i needed you most ,I have been waiching Abraham and Esther and you teach the same thing,and i love you for that ,I do not know how to contact you by email,but I have this need or desire to meet you ,and say so much,you have touched my life in so many ways in the past week I have learnt so much,I was going through so much,my dog had to be pout down a month ago actually my child I have not been the same since then ,but then you came along and I am getting up again,after divorce my dogs have beem my only family and my life ,I have the elder one still with me,every night I watch your videos ,i started the third eye activation more out of the need to communicate with my dog,
    I am so grateful to the universe for sending you,pls let me know if I can talk to you ,I understand you don’t do one on one sessions,but then what happens when someone really needs you to guide them,and pls its a humble request do a video on animals and afterlife and more I resonate with animals more than humans,i am more connected with them ,and they give peace.Please reply or let me know how to reach you ,from this end of the world,I became a Reiki master today just wanted to share with you.lots of love and light.

  • Hi Teal, I have just attempted to open some of your Utube videos. All the comments have gone. Is someone trying to shut you down or is this just a local phenomena in Australia?

  • I love this post. Thank you teal! I feel a rumbling emerging from my tougher than steel-independent persona. I am dependent upon no one and therefore probably everything! It is how I, like many, particularly those from childhoods where independence meant survival, have found respite perhaps. Most particulary, forced independence is a mechanism used for victims of early childhood molestation, of which i am. It really is the answer to the powerlessness that you so often write about-as the lowest vibratory level available, next to annihilation. It is the step up. I have had it both ways in adulthood. Dependent=painful abuse or the inevitable painful detachment when the relationship fails. Independent=in control of my happiness. I am happy! I have had a long road to my well earned happiness. I am not against dependency in theory. I am a real sucker for the idea of love; a deep kind of love where I am naked, really known and safe. I have these vivid lovers in meditation. I have never met that match on this plane, at least not yet. So in the question of dependency ; a rumbling begins. I am now wonderig: am I suppressing the need for the connection to another or others? do I push people away emotionally (probably do.) do I resist asking for help (ha-even from myself-yep.) Maybe I have just gotten comfortable with my brand of happiness, as it is, as I have manifested it. Or, have i just settled for the serenity that comes effortlessly when I look at my children, watch a sunset, feel the flowers singing to me, the trees cradling me and all of the other “zing” moments that comebmore snd more often through awareness, and that i cherish. Maybe my dependency has just been transfered. I am not a young woman. I am 55. Do we just run out of hope as we get older? I still have endless fears, deep fears…that waken me as though I am sufficating. I keep these safely in a compartment for dreamland; finding someone to depend on is no longer in my treasure chest of fears. Maybe it is hormonal. Ha- maybe we lose that need for ONE other when our eggs run out. I am in awe of the older woman that I know who have found peace. Maybe it just takes living in this place for awhile before we get “it.” Maybe our dependency can be found in the wider ripples that extend beyond humans or with a single partner. You are mighty powerful dear teal!♥ Zeus would pale before you. You are that special! I wish I could wrap my motherly arms around that child who witnessed such an horrific abuse, who should have had a protector and one human soul to depend on. It is so, so painful to read how alone you feel. I pray you find the being or beings that will be your protector. You can not possibly know the depths to which you have become exactly that, to so many. With love♡

  • I really appreciated this entry, there are some very interesting insights. I particularly liked when you wrote “Happiness is meaningless, if it is not shared.” I find this true in many ways. For example, I’ve had the experience where I’ve been sightseeing alone, and I’ve really had that pain of desire of wishing that a friend, a sibling or my mom, for example, was there to see it with me.
    Having said that, there are times when I just feel happy about something, no one else can see it or feel it, at that moment, but I’m still happy. I do agree though, that my happiness will ultimately (probably) benefit someone else too, even if it is just with a smile or the positive energy flowing from me. <3

  • I really appreciate you for sharing your insights and view points about independence and dependence so openly and clearly. I also appreciate myself for knowing my own truth and perspective to be completely different from yours, but equally valid. It is funny how, as soon as we claim an “absolute truth”, its counter part is simultaneously created with just as much validity. It is also beautiful to observe how nothing one can define or verbalize as “truth”, is ever set in stone. Everything I have ever believed to be absolutely true, and have loudly proclaimed as such, has had to go. Life is continual stream of letting go of every individual discovery of the truth. It used to upset me. I would even proudly and stubbornly hold on to truths that were no longer true for me. Today I am old enough to smile every time life proves me wrong, because I realize there is yet another truth waiting to be discovered. I have never been happier.

  • That would sound about right. There is no money I need to get back from him. I bought my house but he pays half of the mortgage because he in fact lives here. But its just I can’t ever depend on him. So are you saying I should kick hin out? Can this issue be solved within myself? I know that I attraced this into my life so how do I change this pattern?

  • Thank you for your words Teal.. it helps me a looooooot!!!! Teal you are amazing!

  • i think this blog post was more for my benefit than anyone else on the planet right now (not to sound too arrogant or anything lol). but i just had a very shadow/perfect storm, low-vibrational weekend, and this is exactly what i needed to read right now. like every single SENTENCE is screaming (politely) right at me. i’m not even done reading it yet! still have like 2 paragraphs to go, but i had to start writing this comment already.

    ok, great post. maybe your best ever. anyway, thank you thank you thank you, Teal!

  • Stephanie Peterson

    I have never before heard that independence did not have to be me and reading this literally brought so much peace to my heart and I can feel it in my whole being. That relying on others is ok, and it feels good when others know they can count on you. I get such a tribe vibe from your message today. I’m astonished at how many walls this post is bringing down for me. Wow!! Thank you Teal!!! 💙

  • The ego is dependent. Society (the world) is interdependent. God is independent. By definition, God is complete and total, and cannot be said to have any needs at all. Through the progressive relinquishment of the ego and the resulting discovery of the presence of God as the true Self, the ego’s seeming needs would have no choice but to disappear. The heart’s desire for peace and unity is only because that’s what it already is. It already is love. The heart already is connected with everything and everyone. How could there be such insistence upon a need for togetherness when we’re already all together?

    In spirituality we have to be very careful with subtleties of meaning, because being a fraction of a degree off can lead one very far astray. The phrase “you create your own reality” is a misnomer. When we hear “you,” we interpret “separate self.” When we hear “your own reality,” we interpret “separate reality.” Since separation has nothing to do with the oneness of Reality, the statement is incongruent. The ego can’t create its own reality because it can’t even create itself AS a reality. Creation is prior to the ego. It would be more accurate to say “Reality creates you,” or “the ego makes its own unreality.” Presumably, the positive intention of the statement is to help people realize that they are empowered to take responsibility for their own happiness. But typically the only thing unhappy about anyone’s life is the separate unreality that they have made, not the unified Reality that they could not have created. Reality is apriori to Creation.

  • Zeeshan Tahaboor

    Hey Teal, I am Zeeshan, born November 8, 1974, 1:13 am.
    I feel I must tell you -
    “This is the time/ space when/ where I found you, and hence found my self – finally”


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