Sex that is nourished by love is an alchemical phenomenon.  This is why it creates life.  Over the past two weeks, I have heard the saying again and again “be like water”.  It has followed me around.  It has caused me to think about water itself as an element.  Water, is the combination of hydrogen and oxygen.  As the two kiss, a third element is made, an element, which sustains all life.  The thirst of all beings on this earth is satiated by it and sustained by it.  Their life depends on it.  But that got me to thinking that love, is like water.   Like oxygen and hydrogen, the unification of two hearts, makes a third element… Love.  Love, like water sustains all life.  The thirst of all beings on this earth is satiated by it and sustained by it.  And like water, their life depends on it.


I had a full day of one on one therapy sessions with my clients yesterday.  And the overwhelming theme of the day was sex.  Client after client came to me with a slightly different version of the same story.  That story is that somewhere over the course of their lives, the idea of sex had been corrupted by their parents or by society at large into something that is laced in shame, misunderstanding and confusion.  Now, in their relationships, they suffer.  The gift of the pure, unobstructed alignment that sex is, though offered, is not recognized as a result of all of the damaging thoughts that they hold about sex.  It is painful to me that people have corrupted and tried to control perhaps the purest expression of unity we experience in our physical lives.  But it makes sense doesn’t it?  If those who seek to control others and make them powerless ultimately live by the creed “divide and conquer, because together they are strong”, it would make perfect sense to disrupt an act of pure unity.  It makes sense to make it into an offense, unless it is being used to propagate life (create more people to ultimately control and use to your own devices).

Symbols of the Three Monotheistic Religions

Religion is (as usual) at the front and center of this corruption.  Religion was designed not as an expression of God’s voice, but as an expression of man’s voice.  It is nothing more than spiritual truth laced with justification upon justification for one person’s or many people’s self centered desires to dictate how other people should and shouldn’t behave.  They reflect societal beliefs that were in practice thousands upon thousands of years ago, in a day and age where it was common practice to stone people to death.  I will use the bible for an example, which is only one of many outdated religious texts.  If we were to adhere to the bible exactly, we could not play football without committing a sin before god (Tim Tebow gasps in shock).  Traditional footballs are made of pigskin.  Leviticus 11:8, when discussing pigs states “You shall not eat of their flesh or touch their carcasses; they are unclean to you”.  You could not wear polyester or any other fabric that is a blend of two materials.  Leviticus 19:19 reads: “You are to keep my statutes.  You shall not breed together two kinds of cattle; you shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of seed, nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together.”  You could not get a divorce.  Mark 10:11-12 states “And he has said to them, ‘whoever divorces his wife and marries another woman, commits adultery against her; and if she herself divorces her husband and marries another man, she is committing adultery’.” Add to that Deuteronomy 22:22 “if a man is found lying with the wife of another man, both of them shall die, the man who lay with the woman, and the woman.  So you shall purge the evil from Israel.”  I find it an absolute travesty that we choose to keep so many of the archaic and damaging beliefs alive that are offered by the very same ancient texts that so obviously state rules that are ludicrous to us based on our modern understanding.  We have kept so many of the beliefs about sex alive that were offered by the same people who think that it’s good and fair justice to stone their wives to death.  Think about that for a minute.

We are threatened by our sexual feelings and by our sexual natures and so, we shame our children when they are coming into their age of sexual curiosity.  It is as simple as saying “no-no” when they are exploring their sexual organs at age 3.  We set them up to believe that there is something unnatural about part of their body, something frightening and unacceptable about their sexuality.  We build them a solid foundation of sexual dysfunction before they have ever had feelings towards another boy or girl.  And then we wonder why sex has become such a source of pain in the world.  We wonder why rape and sexual abuse is rampant.  We wonder why porn addiction is everywhere and we wonder why we can’t orgasm with our partners.  Is it really a wonder?

Copy of D9C93501

For years, I have been shamed for my sexual energy.  This is a problem, because it is part of who I am.  I leak it out of my every pore.  Over the course of my life, I have been told that it is evidence of my impurity and evil and that it is my fault that men have hurt me in the past because my sexual energy “eggs them on and invites them to attack me”.  I could not switch it off because it is part of my essence.  I turned against myself.  I hated the way I looked.  I hated the way I moved.  I hated myself for what I was.  Because I could not change it, I just figured those were just the cards I had been dealt.  I was designed to suffer at the hands of men and to be hated by women.  I could not cover my sexuality up, I could not tone myself down and so I allowed myself to slip to the dark side.  I became a lingerie/nude model and figured, “fine, if this is what I am, then this is what I am… Let them use me and let them hate me”.  But over the course of my healing process since then, I have learned some things that I want to share with you today.

Sexuality is at the core of everyone’s essence.  The only thing that sets us apart is that some people suppress it and some people express it.  It is at the core of everyone’s essence because oneness is at the core of everyone’s essence.  Inherently, we all possess the same desire to find unity, not only in and of ourselves, but also in and of each other.  Sexuality is not evidence of our evil.  It is evidence of our inherent goodness.  It is evidence of the purity of our desire for harmony and for love.  And to tell a woman that her sexual energy “invites and instigates rape”, there is nothing more to say except… Are you fucking kidding me?

We cannot condemn sexuality without condemning ourselves at our deepest, most intangible levels.  We cannot condemn sex without waging war with ourselves and with each other.  We cannot condemn sex and ever hope for sex to become a healthy, healing part of our society.   If we condemn sex, we are condemning our most sacred spiritual act to the dark and often sadistic world that exists behind the curtain of the “18 and older” signs we post on the wall.  All we will know is the temporary adrenaline high of mutual masturbation.  Our souls will forget how to touch one another through the unification of our bodies.


Every person on earth deserves to know the rapture of sex that is fueled by love.  Every person on earth deserves for love to open him or her to a world where no boundaries exist; to the act of sex in it’s most exalted form.  It is possible to find enlightenment through sex, because the very nature of sex dissolves the ego.  The ego cannot exist in it’s light.  You cannot tell the difference between yourself and your lover.  Death means nothing to the man or woman who lives in a state of love and love’s various natural expressions.

Love is the universal language.  All beings in existence understand it.  And sex, is the body’s response to that understanding.  We are compelled to combine ourselves with one another.  We are compelled to touch eternity through one another through sex.  And what a sweet taste it is, when in every inch of your lover’s body and in every glance that passes between you, genesis is spun.  How sweet it is to allow yourself to open up to the degree that you can feel the earth rotate beneath you, when the whole of existence has stopped and the present moment is the only moment.  Their skin in a pervasive slide over yours, learning the notes to a melody of flesh, hunting the nectar that is lying beneath the surface of your ability to control; your bodies arcing into one another, desiring to conceive of the feeling of union, writhing to the pulse of two unified heartbeats.  You are not even two people anymore.  You are one.



  • Thank you Teal, I’ve been dealt a naturally curvy body myself and had lots of experiences with how that affects perfect strangers, men and women.
    On a side note…now that I’m aware of non-physical beings around all the time I was wondering… Hopefully they give us some privacy?
    as always, gorgeous pics of you!!

  • Collective subconscious at play? I just wrote a rather long, snarky post about this very topic yesterday. Yours was stated so much more eloquently, lol. ;)

  • I’d enjoy making love to you little fox.

  • OMG Teal. Last night at my CCT session with Andrea I set the intention to live FREE. This morning I woke up with a brand new Freedom creed burned into my DNA and Soul that I plan to live by. I refuse to give up any of my Freedoms, including sexual, to anyone or anything ever again.

    This blog was PERFECT for me today.

    With Love always…


  • Incredible Blog! Music to my Ears xoxox
    Once again, we completely resonate here. :D

  • melissa middleton

    beautifully, perfectly written… i really could not have said this better myself…

  • Let’s be WATER …
    But then there is other elements that most call spices : AIR

  • Teal you’re so hot…

  • Beautifully expressed

  • These words are true.. I have such a strong attraction to the author …& have had since i saw her..

  • I have been on this so called spiritual path since I’ve been a teenager and all my teachers up until now have told me that my sexual energy would pass as I enlightened. I was told to basically shut it off until I “got passed it” or else it would destroy me.
    I have suffered so much because of this. But thankfully I did not listen to what others said, I listened to me!
    I can tell you that those who are trying to suppress sex are those to watch out for. I have seen and experienced so much deception around sexuality, which makes it even harder to be real with it. That’s why it is so important to follow our emotions. To listen to them and to nurture them !
    Thank you Teal for speaking up about this! I am so happy to be witnessing a spiritual teacher of mine speak the truth, we are sexual beings deserving of this pleasure and the exploration of it through mind, body and spirit!!!! It is our divine birthright! And those who explore it with respect, will thrive!!!!!

  • I had a dream about sex today and I see this. We are brain washed to think you are a dirty pervert if you are thinking any sexual thoughts. Everyone loves it and nobody is allowed to talk about it.

  • “We are compelled to touch eternity through one another …genesis is spun. How sweet it is to allow yourself to open up to the degree that you can feel the earth rotate beneath you, when the whole of existence has stopped and the present moment is the only moment”
    I have always thought of making love as being as close to source as we can get.
    I still have faith in that even if I have only touched it for a moment. <3

  • I Loved reading, feeling this. Thank you, Teal.
    Love, SY*

  • Thank you Teal ! For everything.

  • i´m deeply touched .. wonderfull reading
    thanky you Teal!Lucie

  • Wonderful, sooo true xxx

  • Mark Timothy Morgan

    I started the celebate monk life style over 19 years ago & have not regeretted it one moment since then. If it’s my Soul’s to meet & mate with a compatible person then it will occur; otherwise I am content with my current life style. It has served me well. Namaste. (;>)

    • Hi Mark, For you, does celibacy exclude sexual feelings? If there is no sexual feelings then your body is in poor health or some fear is ticking away in the unconscious mind. Obiviously one doesn’t need a partner to have extreme sexual release. The mind is a powerful and wonderous organism. Wet dreams prove that. I am told that OBE sex makes material plane sex look very pale. Taking obsolete beliefs with you into OBE must be hell.

  • Teal Scott – The Poet To The Soul. Your words unlock the true nature within us all. Without your incredible gift of expression none of would truly know the profound divinity that is there for us to experience in life. You never cease to amaze. Best Wishes, Dave

  • P.S. – I’m enjoying a warm feeling of peace and joy today thanks to your words.

    • Hi Dave, did you break the rules last night?

      • I don’t know what you mean. Dave

        • Hi Dave, I guessed that Teal may have reminded you (and all of us) to be present to our true and unsupressed sexual feelings . Your mention of the warm feeling of peace and joy that you had due to her words was indicative of something, I don’t know what, which comes after true and deep expression of dezires. Kim Karn (spelling?) has a song called “Let’s break the rules tonight” That is my reference for meaning. You may not know the song so I offer my apologies for being oblique or esoteric.

          • No. I just thought this post was so beautiful and it put me in a nice warm mood. That’s all it was.

          • Hi Michael. This exchange between you and Dave has reminded me of that story you told about the guy who sometimes feigns ignorance in order to learn something he didn’t know that he didn’t know… either that Dave just forgot to bring his sense of humor to the board… I can’t see how it was possible to miss the joke in “Hi Dave, did you break the rules last night?” I’m not even familiar with that Kim Carne song and it was still a very funny comment! I’m still chuckling over it.

  • “We cannot condemn sex and ever hope for sex to become a healthy, healing part of our society.”

  • Sexual alchemy is very transformative. In my experience you take on another persons awarenesses . large amounts of a persons internal data is exchanged and the core spiritual aspects as well. Visualizations of the persons energy or sacred flame can be had. But this task of enlightening through sex is priest, priestess work. I have a personal preference of what is called twin flame union, and regard it as the highest possible form of enlightenment. What is curious is the ego in sexual alchemy is consumed by the sacral chakra energies to the point thought is barred. when thoughts are consumed in sexual alchemy pure spirit and energy remain , the highest point of the power of spiritual ecstasy.

    • Hi Vernon, I pondered your comment for a while, and then remembered a gorgeous girl telling me,( the innocent almost virgin lad, ) stop thinking Michael, look at me and adore my body. That is all she was doing with me. I was a bit afraid to really take in her beauty because of the effect it was ‘obviously’ having on my thinking. I think all the soft loveydove things come after the animal is satisfied. ‘Forbidden fruit’ excitement is something else of course. The spiritual connection through sex seems to me to detract from the earthy experience of going over the edge of a primal cliff together. The chemical flushing that occurs can be a trip in itself.

      • Wow. Talk about a treasure hunt. Reading what you have written here has really deepened my sense of you and if I thought you had reached the end of intriguing me – I hadn’t, but if I had, I would have been wrong. I love everything you said on so many different levels. Although ‘forbidden fruit’ for me is more like climbing under the table of a ‘fancy’ restaurant with long tablecloths and making my boyfriend place our order while I was, ummm, teaching him self-control. I guess you probably won’t be back here to read this risque confession but I will still be looking for clues that you have, hehehe.

        • Shit. PS: that was for Michael, I thought that was obvious but just in case anyone came strolling along here through the archives of Teal’s blog and found themselves wondering, hahaha.

  • God, that last paragraph was the most beautiful description of sex I have ever heard. Holy…

  • arturo villarreal

    beautiful post.

  • Gudrun Geirsdottir

    Thank you dear Teal, such truth.

  • We are very much like water. Just look at the colors in the spectrum from a water drop reflect the colors of our chakra from Red to Violet. I love your postings, and thank you always for sharing yourself with all of us.

  • Hi Teal, I enjoyed this post. You appear to be joining the crusade against Christianity. There will come a day when people will be ashamed to call themselves Christian. There is no such thing as a “Good Christian” They are all snivelling, miserable, hypocrits. “Christianity is a license not to think” (Christopher Hitchens.) It poisons everything. All religion is a mental illness. The good thing is that it splits itself as its followers grow up.

    The seductive photo is a hoot. It caught me by surprise. Song of the day “I wanna be bad” by Eartha Kit.

    • “When your hand closes to those below you, then you also close your hands to the ones above you.”

      There’s something impressionable about this article that reaches beyond the obvious. It’s an understanding and respect for the fact that all Beings are growing together. Sharing some random thoughts with you.

      We are capable of learning and sharing thoughts and knowledge in a way that is causing a mutual conscious expansion at an increasingly rapid rate. With growth essentially occurring from one point and advancing to another–desirably better than before–then we have the understanding that this applies to everyone unconditionally. Consider that this expansion is constant. It’s an emergent process. We always desire more. Our beliefs shape and give direction to this very process.

      Do you want to continue to believe in the romantic notion of eternal strife and conflict with other perspectives? Perhaps it’s a continuation of a state of lack?

      While it is humorous to contemplate the “old stories” from ancient texts do not forget that this knowledge was at times meant to be hidden. Have you ever re-read a book a year later? Have you noticed how you’re able to access deeper information? Critically analyzing and re-analyzing knowledge is a curious mystery.

      Same holds true for everyone. Let them express and experience life. Share with them the understanding of Unconditional Love and you will see it in response. Be patient, be loved.

      “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
      ― Mahatma Gandhi

      • Hi Jesse, I have problems with the word “unconditional love.” The closest to this state would be Motherly love. A mother can love a poorly behaved child unconditonally while also believing that putting no boundaries on its behaviour is a loving thing to do. Eventually the practise of that belief brings on a crisis for the mother and all those around the child. So there may not be any such thing as unconditional love. Loving someone who is causing trouble might look like authoritarianism to others. It is true, what you put out is what you get back.

        • Michael, you make sense in doubting existence of unconditional love. I have struggled with this when practicing it endured some abusive interactions that left me so confused. Teal has a few videos that touches this subject and they gave me a big relief and clarification. Again, as always and with all subjects we have to practice close attention to how we feel and go and grow in practicing unconditional love from there, not from the abstract concepts that we want to have in our life experiences.

    • I feel ya, Bud.

      It wasn’t until recently that I began to experience and appreciate Unconditional Love. For me, it’s not something that you’re going to understand simply out of desire. It must be experienced to be known. Which can create a catch-22, right? Like the example you’ve shared. How do you experience Unconditional Love without the obstacles of fear associated with interacting with others?

      Fortunately, there is an easy tactic involved with this. Experience loving yourself unconditionally. Nurture and nourish this growth in yourself and you will begin to see it more and more in people around you. Grow within to see the growth outside.

      I love how you describe it as “Motherly Love”! Sometimes the message comes down to semantics. It can be difficult to express an emotion or understanding through words. Something that all have been challenged with.

      True Unconditional Love is heavily grounded in reality–here and now. It’s not the work of fiction or some unattainable and unrealistic state. It’s not something to be done. It’s a matter of Being. You BE Unconditional Love. I AM Unconditional Love. That kind of thing.

      It’s understandable to recognize that “A mother can love a poorly behaved child unconditonally while also believing that putting no boundaries on its behaviour is a loving thing to do.” To me, this is a wonderful step towards understanding and embracing Unconditional Love. You have to analyze it and see it from many perspectives. Then, you will find the perspective that resonates with your Heart. With this in mind, please recognize that Unconditional Love does involve establishing healthy boundaries with a poorly behaved child. It’s the exact opposite of fear-based tactics. It requires an inner-strength and appreciation. Let the child see your inner-strength so that they may have an example of how this is done. Then, and this is the beautiful part, let them choose through their divine free-will to express Unconditional Love.

      It can also be difficult when someone has “struggled with this when practicing it [and] endured some abusive interactions that left me so confused.” Respect yourself and your boundaries. Identify the Love that you want to experience and manifest it in your Heart. Attract what you desire because there are many out there that desire the same.

      So, to tie this knowledge into the topic at hand (coming full circle), Unconditional Love is something that is desirable with truly magnificent sex. To me, Teal is sharing this understanding with us. Sex, when shared with Unconditional Love creates an experience with two Beings with “your bodies arcing into one another, desiring to conceive of the feeling of union, writhing to the pulse of two unified heartbeats. You are not even two people anymore. You are one.”

      Thank you for your courage to share your thoughts and thank you for allowing me to express mine. :)

      “If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.
      Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.
      So if you love a flower, let it be.

      Love is not about possession.
      Love is about appreciation.” – Osho

      <3 8

      • Hi Jesse, Equally, thanks for your detailed response. I find “One ness” in the sexual experience is very short lasting. I feel it as a phase of coming close, melding and then separating. This expression of lovingness is never unconditional.

        Perhaps unconditional love may exist in a moment. That moment may be created by the realization that our source is one shared consciousness and that separation is an illusion. To willfully hold on to that realization and practise it would be to disolve the individuated state that is our humaness.( Transcendence)
        I have problems conceiving of such a state allowing us to function in this world.
        While we can create the context for this experience via meditation, these moments of grace are not of our making. It is my experience that love defies explanation. Love has symptoms. The urge to be of service to your fellow man without any reason may be one such symptom. Regarding loving ourselves unconditionally: Who is loving what? Isn’t this a divided state that involves judgement? I am glad to have a healthy body but my DNA mix was not my choice. I can choose to work against having a healthy body through willful ignorance but nature works for me if I let it.

        By the way, I also disagree about picking flowers. If they are wild then they belong to everyone to enjoy. I cultivate roses for the purpose of picking. There are people who can’t visit rose gardens so having a vase of roses in their room, filling the air with perfume is the next best option. Nature is abundant. My neighbor’s horses love roses as a snack. Even half dead ones are appreciated.

    • Of course, it’s a pleasure. This comes to mind: “while time (life) is relative, existence is absolute (eternal).” It’s what a lover thinks about–more appropriately, feels–when daydreaming about their lover. If you’ve experienced the bliss and love, even in a moment, then you know that it exists. How wonderful is that?!! :) Is it possible to feel the touch of a lover, their kiss, their presence, without them being there? Perhaps, it’s like taking that joy letting go of the attachment of that joy to an action, to a person, etc, you have the base energy of the experience of Love. Unconditional Love. Think about it from an Alchemy perspective (like Vernon Nielsen’s above): it is a base energy that can be transmuted into what one desires or when shaping beliefs.

      For me, there is no difficulty in understanding this. It comes across as more of a higher state of mind, than getting rid of the old mind. Kind of like how we only use something like 5%, or whatever it is, of our full brains? What would it be like to experience a higher state of mind? Maybe it’s possible that we can simply embrace the higher states, you have to accept the lower ones first.

      Just because one person reaches Enlightenment, doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole world is magically Enlightened. Let me make sure my thoughts are grounded. ;) We’ve had others that are notable throughout all history and still we have struggle and strife. Since you’ve lived, you exist. Since transcendence is possible, it exists. Regardless of our Ego’s inability to conceive Transcendence.

      What if you considered this analogy: as a non-Enlightened human Being, you exist in 3D (5% brainpower); as an Enlightened human Being, you exist in 5D (brainpower ???). Maybe I’m stretching it here. But, the point is made. You exist. That is Unconditional.

      Hmm, … that’s understandable with the flowers. Happy to chat with a green thumb! I love, Love, LOVE nature. The quote was meant more to express about the connection of “Love is not about possession.
      Love is about appreciation.” Unconditional Love is experienced without attachment, without possession.

      • Hi Jesse, I have never been ‘in love’ as people sing about or carry on about. I have a sense of life being full and joyful when I am with certain people. That is as far as it goes. I find rapore with certain women even when we have just met that causes me to feel they are kindred spirit. Sometimes it is as if we have known eachother a life time. Maybe we have in a parallel reality. I have momentary excitement at meeting new women, but it is soon put through a reality check. Exclusive relationships have never interested me. Evolution demands change.I maybe wrong. My mother assures me that I will know when true love comes my way.

        Regarding only using 5% of our brains. I suspect we use 5% of our brains to tell ourselves we are not using the other 95%. Nature has a purpose for such excess brain capacity. Just because science hasn’t found evidence of full brain useage in the MRI scans doesn’t mean that it isn’t being used on special occassions that can’t be duplicated in a laboritory. The brain is holographic and may be meant for much higher purposes than we know of yet which involve intent. I think meditation will become extremely important for survival in the near future.That is a whole other subject. Thanks Jesse. If I meet you in the future or in OBE I will know you are a wonderful soul.

  • 2 cents

    Being beautiful and being attractive are two different things. Beauty radiates while attraction pulls. Beauty comes from the heart, and makes others feel more centered, more whole. Attraction comes from the mind. It pulls others off of their center, and makes them feel less whole.

    A beautiful lover is a heart-centered lover. Sex is good and natural, but the heart always comes first, let’s not forget that.


    • Hi Will, This is not my experience. Attraction and beauty come together. There are aspects of love that can come in an instant. There are some that take years to grow. Attraction evolves like the physical beauty of all creatures large and small, young to old. Maybe all appreciation of beauty, and the attraction it inspires, comes from within us and is projected on the world. There all sorts of variables to explore. Some of the plainest looking people have the most sensuous bodies and vice versa.

    • Will, you make sense. So true!

    • I know what you mean Will, I agree.

  • Sex has been a BIG theme for my in my therapy sessions lately. After a recent impulsive flirtation and hook up, I was utterly surprised and ashamed of my sexuality. While now I can see that I used my sexuality to make someone pay attention to me, and possibly love me (all subconscious, of course), it was a great experience to see myself be so assertive, sexually. It was a fabulous learning experience where now I can claim myself as a sexual being with even more confidence. Also sex books are great things!! So much to learn.

  • Oh man, i need a book; or something.
    I’ve had nice sex before even good sex once, possibly twice but i never had that stuff you are talking about. One of the problems i think is that we are focused on the goal, the ejaculation or orgasm.
    Also media has a huge part to play for me as well. I have never thought of myself as handsome and have certainly never been confident around the opposite sex. So unless you are handsome or have bags of confidence and or charisma you aren’t getting laid anyway.
    There, right there in the word ‘laid’ is the programming ‘I’ve’ had. Sex has just been something else i can fail at and so you masturbate time after time until you meet a good teacher. I’m 42 now and most if not all of the women i have slept with have had the same level of sex experience as me.
    i have seen sex portrayed as a spiritual practice before and once again because of my programming thought ‘bollocks’! but it makes sense that we should be able to come together in an experience such as you describe Teal. So where do we learn? that is presuming one can get a partner.
    Man, this society is so fucked up!

    • Hi Ian, I love your comment. You are very real. It is great to be anonomous and be able to tell it as it for you. Even having a gorgeous body and good looks like my parent’s DNA has, totally by chance, given me, won’t help if the libido is depressed. Look into your diet. I am no expert but I can tell you that there are right woman for you. Be outrageous. I haven’t found ‘Miss Right’ because there are so many incredibly wonderful women out there that it’s difficult to settle for one.(Truly Ruly) Play the field through sharing what you love doing. If you want an athlete then play tennis. If you want the perfect body become a competition swimmer. Dancing and music does it for me. Stay away from cricket, football, soccer, rugby, boxing, wrestling etc etc. unless you want to bond with men and damage your brain. I use to do long distance running to get out of school, but now it is waste of time and a stupid, physically damaging activity except for showing off a beautiful body and meeting women. As a teenager, I was a glory seeker in athletics. What a waste of energy. I would be an extraordinary jazz pianist by now if I had spent the time with music practise instead.

  • I have only come to really enjoy sex since my divorce. I was led to believe that as a woman, there is no way you can have ‘casual’ sex and not feel guilty and used the next day. Also, you cannot ever express what you really like. I have now found the contrary to be true. I have had sex with 3 different men since then, all of them I did not know that good, and really enjoyed it. And more then that, I felt a real connection. No regrets at all, just a big smile on my face. Such a shame we feed eachother (especially woman) these harmful beliefs, when sex is there to be enjoyed.

    • Daphne, you are so beautiful to wake up to the truth that what is commonly thought of as love is not bound in time. Love at first sight proves this. Recognition of a kindred spirit is experienced by most people, but most people put a lid on it because they don’t know how to express the feeling. It could come simply as a question. “My place or yours?” I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me, who said: “You don’t worry me Michael, I know you are just lusting after my body.” My being a bit backward and shy, all I could muster as a reply was ” Is it that obvious?” What a wonderful experience that led to. Women innitiating contact is becoming more accepted now. About time too.

  • Thank you Teal, this was amazing. Really needed to hear this….esp. because of things that happened to me when I was younger, and coming from a Lebanese background. heal healing healed xxxx

  • Oh teal. This is the one thought I can not get out of my head. My boyfriend DJ and I have had problems in this department on an off for 4 years. I have broken up with him twice for it. Not, mind you, for refusing to have sex with me, but just the opposite. It has caused me so much guilt that I think there is something wrong with me. The way he looks at me when I refuse him tears me apart, but I can’t bring myself to relax the muscles in my hips, or anywhere and “let him in.” When we do have sex I am terrified of gettin hurt, physically. He says I am simply too cognitive about it and we are so young that we should be enjoying each other as much as possible.

    Now, I love sex. My boyfriend before, Chris was very weird about it. Meaning, we would never talk about it. I was 20 and he was the first man to ever look at me like he wanted me. We would go out with friends and act like really close…buddies. I played this game because i loved him. I loved the taste of him and the way he felt and being part of him. It resulted in an unexpected pregnancy, which I didn’t tell him about until 6 months later. I didn’t tell anyone. My parents, friends, NO ONE. He ended up reading it in my journal. I wanted to kill myself when he found out. I felt like a “bad reckless woman.” Throughout the pregnancy(which only lasted a little over a month before I miscarried) I hated myself. I hated my body. I hated him for not forcing us to wear a condom (even though I can’t stand them) and furthermore I hated that I lost the wild abandon of my early twenties and now hated sex. Period.

    I am 27 now and this feeling has not left me. A few times while me and DJ were apart I went back to Chris, to see I guess if he had that “thing” I felt I lost. He doesn’t. The last time we had sex it was depressing mutual masterbation. I didn’t even orgasm.

    I’d been avoiding DJ for months until he needed an explanation for why I had left. I didn’t know what to say. Whenever he and I talk things out for too long all I want to do is shut him up and fuck. However, once my initial passion turns back to routine I simply stop having the desire. Why IS this? I know it is me. I know, being raised catholic that overt sexuality was wrong (my mother is practically a saint and I have no idea how my brother and sister and I even came to be here). I have always hid this part of myself and now, when all I want is to open up to the man I care about…I can’t. And all types of physical ailments are arising from this.

    Thank you for this. The water metaphor is lovely and it is a union I crave. I hope to one day get past this because it makes me feel alone and untouchable. If in a future blog post you have any tips, especially given a complicated history and negative beliefs about sex know that there is an audience for it. Your sensuality is an inspiration to women like me who want to unleash themselves on life.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Diana, You are on the road to recovery. Have you renounced your Catholic beliefs? Catholicism should be treated like a mental illness. Dig deep into your feelings. Religion puts an invisible chastity belt on women. ( a nasty iron contraption with a lock).

  • Looking at some of the comments made me worried and sad.. I pray for everyone <3

    I want to remind all of us that we are beautiful; no matter what has happened, is happening or has yet to happen <3

    Thank you Teal and all for being brave and upfront on sensitive topics and on sharing your experiences.

    Thank you Teal for spending time everyday to update your blog, to teach and inspire us. The latest video on fear was what I needed to hear. Thank you again =)

    Love from Singapore <3

    (PS: On the short video chat filmed in London, I saw your left palm pressing against your chin tightly as you lean to listen. That is a common habit that many has, but not good for the chin and skin?)

  • Jennifer Kissell

    Can I say I’ve been waiting for this post forever!! I pulled it up today and started smiling. She finally put into words what I have been thinking for past few months. She captures religion in the most beautiful formmm…..*sigh – Teal is BEAUTIFUL ;) If I do say so myself. If I wasn’t straight, she would be first on my list ;) <3 you!

  • RJ LeDrew Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Hello Teal.

    Its a pleasure to be a part of this discusion, as it’s a controversial one indeed.
    We face a system that is governed by the brotherhood of men, the same genre of men that control, business, finances, realistate, politics, education, religious cultures and of course lets no forget the justice system.
    These are the same breed of men for more 6,000 years have had it in their sights for how the herd wil be raised.
    Imfact if you were living your life today but back not even that long ago, women that practiced Spirituality were stoned to death if not burned alive first. These are the same brotherhood of men that refuse women an education, refused women to work, refused women in churches, all through history and now it still is very much in the face of those who stand to challenge the system.
    Women are born with a natural intutition that men are not, women are emotional beings first, physical second. Its not a fault, it’s in our dna, its who we are, it’s who you are. You have my support, you have my best of intentions.

    So on that note, I’d like to leave you these kind words.

    My Angel, my all, my very self,
    And because love battles
    not only in its burning agricultures
    but also in the mouth of men and women,
    I will finish off by taking the path away
    to those who between my chest and your fragrance
    want to interpose their obscure ideas.

    About me, nothing worse
    they will tell you, my love,
    than what I told you.

    I lived in the prairies
    before I got to know you
    and I did not wait love but I was
    laying in wait for and I jumped on the rose.

    What more can they tell you?
    I am neither good nor bad but a man,
    and they will then associate the danger
    of my life, which you know
    and which with your passion you shared.

    And good, this danger
    is danger of love, of complete love
    for all life,
    for all lives,
    and if this love brings us
    the death and the prisons,
    I am sure that your big eyes,
    as when I kiss them,
    will then close with pride,
    into double pride, love,
    with your pride and my pride.

    But to my ears they will come before
    to wear down the tour
    of the sweet and hard love which binds us,
    and they will say: “The one you love,
    is not a woman for you,
    Why do you love her? I think
    you could find one more beautiful,
    more serious, more deep,
    more other, you understand me,
    look how she’s light,
    and what a head she has,
    and look at how she dresses,
    and etcetera and etcetera.”

    And I in these lines say:
    Like this I want you, love,
    love, Like this I love you,
    as you dress
    and how your hair lifts up
    and how your mouth smiles,
    light as the water
    of the spring upon the pure stones,
    Like this I love you, beloved.

    To bread I do not ask to teach me
    but only not to lack during every day of life.
    I don’t know anything about light, from where
    it comes nor where it goes,
    I only want the light to light up,
    I do not ask to the night
    I wait for it and it envelops me,
    And so you, bread and light
    And shadow are.

    You came to my life
    with what you were bringing,
    made of light and bread and shadow I expected you,
    and Like this I need you,
    Like this I love you,
    and to those who want to hear tomorrow
    that which I will not tell them, let them read it here,
    and let them back off today because it is early
    for these arguments.

    Tomorrow we will only give them
    a leaf of the tree of our love, a leaf
    which will fall on the earth
    like if it had been made by our lips
    like a kiss which falls
    from our invincible heights
    to show the fire and the tenderness
    of a true love.


    • Hi RJ, is this what is called ‘flow of consciousness’ poetry? It confounds and confuses the intellect so the words themselves become like erratic raindrops falling through a tree on to a tin roof. Stockhousen and Cage did the same thing to music. Mental finger painting.

  • “Dear Human: You’ve got it all wrong. You didn’t come here to master unconditional love. That is where you came from and where you’ll return. You came here to learn personal love. Messy love. Sweaty love. Crazy love. Broken love. Whole love. Infused with divinity. Lived through the grace of stumbling. Demonstrated through the beauty of messing up. Often. You didn’t come here to be perfect. You already are. You came here to be gorgeously human. Flawed and fabulous. And then to rise again into remembering. Love doesn’t require the condition of perfection. It only asks that you show up. That you stay present and feel fully. And do your best.” ~~ Courtney Walsh, inspirational poet, blogger, author

    • Hi Bobvanassen, I will put in my two bobs worth here. Nature has designed us to propagate the species. Life has no purpose after that other than the purpose you give it. I totally agree with the way you have reframed our imperfect lives. Striving after security in a basically insecure world is a questionable use of our lives.

  • Jessica Robinson

    well Teal you could just go to places where what you’re talking about already exists, like a nudist colony. more worn the possibilities :-)

  • Outstanding read! I understand the sexual energy, and how “Taboo” it is to the planet via dead religions posing as “Holy”. Our planet will be forced to make a choice of releasing this social disease called religion or die as a race from holding onto it. We have been lied to deliberately to conceal our birthright to wholeness of mind body and spirit (Holiness) Sex is our direct link to source energy. our own little raptures, even ascension.
    I too still wait for my twin flame to manifest in my life to employ Tantra sex.

    very refreshing read. thx

  • Could someone help me out with a thought inspired by this article? Perhaps it’s a perspective to consider? Hopefully it expands further upon the article, but from a different point of view–a complimentary resonance.

    It’s necessary to promote and indoctrinate a view of corruption with sexual desire at a physical level in order to stunt and suppress the attainment and experience of sexual desire at a spiritual level. Prevent the enjoyment of the physical and you can effectively prevent the enjoyment of the spiritual. “we wonder why we can’t orgasm with our partners” If you’ve come to the point that you’re resistant to physical orgasm then you should know that you may be blocked from experiencing spiritual orgasm. Contrastingly, maybe it’s simply that we’re collectively immature about sex and are experiencing the feedback of our progress? Regarding this, …

    Consider discovering the wonderful teachings found with Tantric practices. Want a great example? It’s really fun: learn to dance with emotion, from the heart, with no-mind to expressive and colorful music.

    When you get to the point that you feel that you can express the emotion of a song without too much thinking, try doing the same thing with your beloved or whomever. You may just find that you’re able to touch on a spiritual level and experience a joy that may have eluded you. “Every person on earth deserves for love to open him or her to a world where no boundaries exist; to the act of sex in it’s most exalted form.” Bet you won’t be able to keep dancing to rip their clothes off and enjoy yourselves. ;)


    Consider these songs.

    Sub-focus: Tidal Wave
    Ellie Goulding: Figure 8
    Flux Pavilion: I Can’t Stop
    Ellie Goulding: Holding On
    Civil Twilight: Letters From The Sky
    Ellie Goulding: Lights


    So, that’s my thought.

    How would you feel if you could experience a partner that desires the same? What if this was just one activity to consider with many more to discover?

    <3 8

    • Hi Jesse, yes I agree, the sexual experience is the cutting edge of expanding consciousness. Spiritual growth and the acceptance of sexual energy go together. This is why sexual repression by religion is a nasty virus that causes deviancy, impotency and fridgity. The Pope has to go. He will eventually because education will get into the third world and flush this virus out.

      I sat in a huge old Catholic cathedral a few days ago. Incredible gothic architecture. Once the mass started I exited. There was a tour group of Japanese outside. They were barred from entering. The door person said they would disrupt the mass with their camera flashes.

  • A encounter with the Divine Goddess herself… would go to Hell just to have her for a night!

    • Hi Sacha, Are you a woman? Are you fishing? Is Teal turning gay? Or are you being light hearted? Teal did say she is enjoying Graciella’s company but from what she says in the above post, her feminine relationship to men seems very important to her. She has never indicated any sexual interest in women. It is hard to imagine Teal being a gay icon. I would be very disappointed if she turned gay. I wonder what Avalon would say? Now back to piano practise.

      • Hi wonderous Teal, Are you turning gay? If so, my shining knight’s armour will turn gray.

      • Hahahaha… how did you know I would end up here Michael?! I don’t expect though that you will be back around to discover that you were right, but I will have to say what ‘Avalon would say’… I think that Teal is a wild child and anyone who could dominate her long enough to climb on her back would be in for one hell of a wild ride, no matter their sexual persuasion. I would not be disappointed if Teal turned gay, however, I might be pretty sorry I didn’t live in Utah!

        Finding comments from you scattered around in such surprising places is beginning to feel like some kind of a treasure hunt, hahaha!

  • that looks fun!!! all honesty though, you truly have some nice posts that you put on here.

  • Katerina Chadimova

    Very very important article, so nicely written. I really really like this article very much and enjoyed it. Much gratitude – Take good care, Love you but u know that for sure ;) ) xoxo

  • As always your words are too profound for some people to understand.
    About Bible, remember that the book we are reading today is an INCORRECT translation of the original….
    Some of those precepts are inexistent and some have different meanings, and were given only for health purposes.
    With Love!

  • I agree with everything that Teal said in this article. And, she is mesmerizing to look at. Like, wow. Her boyfriend/husband is a lucky one for sure. But while I really do appreciate her looks, I appreciate her wisdom even more. Wonderful!

  • I have noticed that sometimes women are actually more threatened than men are sometimes by sexuality. If you are wearing a low cut or tight top maybe you’ve noticed the threatened energy you get from other women. Even out with my husband I’ve caught nasty glances from other women. We shouldn’t as women be so concerned with what others are dressing like.

  • Marla Martenson

    I love this post! I could not agree more with everything said.

  • Just another replicant

    Truth of the matter is. Nature is our teacher mother and god. We are nothing more special than any other here. We are evolved primates, mammals if you care. No different and no more special than any other life form within the known universe. To revert to our primal manifestations and operations, we must abandon all the bullshit we have conjured up for ourselves. Distractions of all kinds, including ideation of religiosity, societal, material and pointless daily rituals. Head back to the wild. There we find true beauty, life, love, and purpose. Live, hunt, feed, love, fuck and replicate. Then finally die in the wild. That is the most accurate truth of purpose and existence. We are energy consuming energy. Crescendo, decrescendo. The muse for the god/ess head. Anything outside of this becomes the misguided signiature perversions by our own hands.

  • I accidentally came to know about you today and I like what you say. It feels as if you have written, what I have felt. But I still feel guilty of enjoying my sexuality.

    What to do?

  • Greetings,
    What an awesome read.
    I must say, I have dealt with just about every conceivable thought
    or manifestation of feelings, experiences, energies, soul bondings,etc. that’s been touched upon by Teal’s blog as well
    as what many of you have commented on.
    I’m not going into great details but let’s just say, I’ve had just about everything imaginable happen to me over the course of my life
    from being beaten with bibles, holy rollers, holier than thous,
    shaman, monks, healers, spiritual vamps, love, lust, divine unions,
    et al. The list is endless and I could write a book if i so choose but
    I haven’t yet and haven’t found my urge to do so yet. lol
    Regardless of what anyone thinks about this blog or comments,
    Teal resonated quite a bit of truth here.
    Truth lies within yourself and you must experience it or discover
    it on your own no matter if it’s sex, awakening, suppression or whatever other description you may think of.
    A union of the heart and soul among a couple or more is a wonderful
    thing. There’s nothing to be ashamed of or repressed.
    IF you find yourself to be among the lucky few to experience this
    union, consider yourself blessed.
    Thanks for the excellent description Teal. I may not agree with
    everything I read no matter who it’s from but this is amongst
    one of the best reads I ever read about the bond of the human
    love experience.


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