New Years Resolution

I woke up this morning, after a night spent out of body watching a conflict in Iraq, with conviction, conviction to see positive change in the world and conviction to lead that positive change.  There is so much conflict in the world; and so much of that conflict happens in the name of someone’s version of God.

No1CauseofWar-ReligionOur search for God is nothing more than a search for the missing love within us.  The existential angst we all feel is nothing more than the emptiness we feel when we have conditioned ourselves to resist the true essence of ourselves, which is love.  It is because we do not feel the joy and peace and inspiration caused by love that we search for God.  In truth, we would not care to search for God at all, if we felt love.  The heart that is full of love is full of God and so the heart of that man or woman has no need for prayers or temples or meditations or self help processes.

When we are missing love in our lives, we are in the presence of fear.  It is really more of an absence than a presence though.  Fear is the absence of love.  And a person who is full of fear is only capable of hatred.  There is a civil war within the heart of a man who runs from his own fear, by hating.  On one side is his soul.  The soul needs to live and the soul knows that to live is to love.  On the other side is the illusion of the absence of his soul.  The ego fears the absence.  The ego needs to live and the ego knows that to live is to make him run from the absence by turning in the direction of hate.

We perpetuate fear in each other.  This is why humanity is a profoundly sick society.  We turn people towards the absence of their own souls early.  This is the only reason why love is hard for us to be and do.  If we did not propagate fear in each other, it would be no more difficult for you to love than it is for water to flow downhill.  It would be no more difficult for you to love than it is for gravity to hold you to the earth, because love would be so natural, it would spontaneously project from you and flow to you.

 1596277-bigthumbnailIt is a new year.  I’m more excited about this coming year than I’ve ever been excited about a new year before.  I feel a readiness to not only meet life head on, but to lead it.  I’m determined to make this the best year of my life so far.  That was my new years resolution.  I’m done with disappointment and I’m done with the feeling of being let down.  Those things come as a byproduct of adopting a passive stance to life; one where you let life come towards you, instead of you coming towards life.  It is time to begin anew.

To begin anew is to recognize the truth that in the present moment, the past does not exist and neither does the future.  The past and future are not here with you in the present, unless you bring them into this moment with you.  Therefore, it is your choice what you bring with you into the present moment.  Each moment is in fact a fresh, new beginning.  Each moment is an opportunity to begin anew.

Time is a property created by the brain.  It is an illusion that does not exist past this physical time-space reality.  We disallow the present moment because of the illusion of time and instead of seeing each moment as new, we live our lives nearly entirely from the standpoint of memory or the standpoint of anticipation.  Identity arises from the concept of past and the future presents us with the uncertainty of either the promise of “more” or the possibility of “loss”.  Because of this, it is easy to see why we hold the illusion of past and future as our object of attention so powerfully and cling to it so desperately the way we do.  If a person is to achieve the kind of happiness that is only possible from a standpoint of objective consciousness however, one must learn to see beyond this illusion.


When time is seen as the illusion that it is, it ceases to be precious to us and it ceases to be necessary.  What becomes precious is the present moment we are in.  Life is not in the past and it is not in the future… it is now.  The now is the location of all the power you have ever had and will ever have.  All that you are has culminated in the now, all that will be is becoming in the now.  The now is all there is.

Each moment is cataloged within the brain and when we draw a line of continuity through all of those moments, we call them “past”, but all of those moments happened in the now… they happened in a past now.

When we imagine moments that might take place in the moments to follow the current moment, we draw a line of continuity from now to then and call those projections of moments to come “future”.  All of those projections of future moments will happen in the now…they will happen in a future now.

The objective reality of eternalness, which exists far beyond the confines of the subjective truth of time, contains a glimpse of an axiom.  The axiom is this… Because time does not exist, it is our choice what we become in each moment.  We do not have to bring our old selves with us into the now.  We do not need to think our happiness exists in the future.  All guilt, all sorrow, all fear, and all resentment can be left behind as we begin a new this very instant.  All optimism, all freedom, all appreciation and all joy can be experienced in this very instant.  The only thing holding us from this is our belief patterns that it cannot be so.  Each moment is a new beginning.  It is always your choice to both see it and make it so.

New years offers us the opportunity to have a new beginning.  But our lives would be so much better if we knew that we didn’t have to have an excuse like that to start a new.  We can always do it right here and now.  Happy New Years!!!

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  • Brilliantly inspiring – thank you Teal.

  • Thank you Teal
    I am happy
    so you and your Tribe be happy too 2014 going to be amazing LOVE

  • Happy 2014, Teal! :-*

  • Happy New Years Teal xxx

  • A great beginning to a great year!

  • Bonne Année !!! xo

  • Happy New Year you guys and thanks for all your hard work.
    Teal, i’m reading a similar thing now in “A return to love ” – Marianne Williamson.
    She calls it the ‘special relationship’ and that most love we seek is actually self hate or at best robbery because we are seeking to get what we feel we are missing from someone else. And that the void is God but our ego tries to fill it by searching for itself, i.e. the same faults in other people etc.

    Tom Lescher was right. This year has started with inspiration and remembering stuff popping off like popcorn. I aim to make this a year of action and doing for myself, enough postulating and procrastinating.
    I’m so happy Teal; You helped me save my own life, you know that?
    I asked and you came a little over a year ago.
    Thank you for that.
    Ian x

  • excellent! let each of us make 2014 the best year yet. ✨💛✨

  • Happy New Year~~!!!

  • Don’t you just want to say shut up God doesn’t exist and he never did stop fighting! Than they kick my ass if I say that. Humans are insecure beings :( . Happy New year.

  • Maybe we should change the phrase to Happy NOW Year! : )

  • And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own?

    I’ve been playing along like humanities all messed up, but the truth is its not! It’s me that’s messed up, and that keeps me from seeing humanities perfection. The more I think about how messed up humanity is, the more I project my own shit out onto an already perfect world.

    The truth is humans are perfect as they are. You are perfect as you are. There is nothing to change. Nothing to do. We have nothing to strive for. It is only those who stop striving who achieve peace. See the Buddha, the Christ in your neighbor? It’s all good. Be like the lillies of the field! Don’t toil! Don’t work! Rely on providence! Live the abundance! Trust your Self! Enjoy life!

    And stop striving.

    Heart is where the home is.


  • That’s true will thank you for addressing this so might I also suggest:

  • How come you never mention the fact that when you go out of body “there is no time” You did say time is created in the brain, but that doesn’t really hamer it home. I guess you really have to experience it to understand it. Words don’t teach. Happy Now dear one.

  • Frida (Fríða)

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  • The Cosmic Projector

    The way i understand it is that we create time in the present. The past is just the trails it leaves. Sometimes we forget that we are creating time and we have to remember. To remember you need to generate a bunch of energy, then you use this power to “turn around,” and sort of go up into yourself, and re-identify with this powerful time being, who is projecting time in the present.

    Philip Rawson in Tantra: The Indian Cult of Ecstasy puts it this way:

    “(The) past is … a trail of things and events which is … being … projected from the mouth of the present, like the flames from the tail-vent of a rocket (or monster). …Each person’s ‘present-frame’ is itself a mouth of that monster vomiting out his world of experience and knowledge. We will never be able to find the origin or causes of all things ‘out there’ among older projected things. Their origin is the projection-mechanism itself .. within the psycho-physical organism. And what is being projected is … reality. We have to ‘turn around’ and look back up into the place from which experienced reality is coming. And, having done it, we have to go on living, fully aware of what is really going on … the continuing act of creation.”


  • “I’m done with disappointment and I’m done with the feeling of being let down.”
    I was a bit surprised by this statement. You have acheived so much in 2013 and yet it seems you feel disappointed (with your performance?). From my point of view you have a acheived so much. Even if you did nothing more except what you did upto 2013 you will profoundly change the world for the better I think. You have brought light and happiness to so many, and many many will follow I’m sure. Great work Teal, you are amazing! Happy New Year.

  • Omg what you have said in this post is exactly what I have been reading about in the book The Power of NOW by Eckhart Tolle. Its a very good book! And its so funny how you are mentioning these very things that I have been reading about! Your words go hand in hand with what he says in the book. I love this post! Happy New Year Teal! Love!

  • As intriguing as your other teachings may be, what you just said here might be the most powerful… at least to me.. right now :)

  • Thank you dear Teal, and happy new year to you too! I find it hard to feel and understand this concept of no time. But there is something that I started to do a while ago, according to this idea, and that I feel good about: I allow myself to change my definition of myself – according to my feelings at the moment with much less embarrassment -something that I used to feel a lot more in the past.

  • I’m excited about this year, I have a thing for even numbered years. Positivity is infectious let yours spread today :) . Happy New Years everybody.


  • Love this: “Those things come as a byproduct of adopting a passive stance to life”
    Also for me time to let go of keep falling into that passive attitude when out of balance.
    Thank you for reminding me.

  • Reading this was air; a combination of elements necessary to sustain life. Thank you for being free in love.


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