Ego and Humility


Last night Blake, my husband and I went to dinner with a friend/business contact of mine named Ale Gicqueau.  When I showed up to the dinner, he presented me with a glorious bouquet of pink roses and a rare spiritual gift, wrapped in Teal colored wrapping paper.  Ale is a Frenchman and a fellow Gemini and as such, he has developed a natural love affair with life; coupled with an insatiable curiosity.  The conversation did not cease for one second between us all and at the end of the night, we ended up in a bar on Main Street, drinking herbal tea and talking over the noise of a crowd of excited drunk people; all of whom are in town for the Sundance Film Festival.  We ended up talking about my career in general.  Ale made the observation that the reason people like me so much is because I am “self deprecating”.  I am the first person to expose my flaws and that makes me relatable to the people.  Ale is of the opinion that it is a respectable quality that suggests humility.  I agreed with him completely, but that conversation reduced me to thinking for a long time last night and this morning about the topic of humility, ego and self-deprecation.  Now, I am so fired up about the subject that I have to write about it.

People can’t seem to make their mind up about me.  They either view me as humble because I am willing to smash the messiah complex by exposing my own flaws to the world, or they see me as egotistical because I plaster pictures of myself everywhere and think so highly of myself that I have moved onto the world stage as a spiritual leader.  The appearance of humility is particularly hard to maintain because of the absolute necessity of brand marketing.  When you are a teacher or a leader, or a politician or an artist, the brand you are marketing is YOU.  This means that your most valuable asset is your image.  Marketers will tell you that the more you can push your image into the public eye, the more people will become familiar with your image and the easier it becomes to promote your work/vision.  To today’s society, this blatant promotion of oneself looks narcissistic at best.  And so, in the spiritual community, by promoting yourself, you are thrown into the category of egotistical spiritual teachers.  I find this hysterical because no matter how much I (or others) teach about the benefit of ego, ego is still treated like enemy #1 in the spiritual field.  And then I have to laugh harder because to say that someone has a big ego, is to say that they have a big identity because that is all ego is, is a sense of separate identity/personality.  And then I have to laugh even harder because ANYONE who even comes up with the idea of teaching others or writing a book or starting a you tube channel or being in the public eye, has to by nature have enough of an ego (sense of identity) to even come up with that idea in the first place.

super hot

Without a large ego, Martin Luther King would never have thought to step on stage.  The Buddha would not have accepted disciples.  No politician would ever run for office.  No performance artist would ever step foot on stage.  There must not only be a strong sense of identity present, there must also be some measure of value that the person holds for their identity for that person to even come up with the idea to “put themselves out there” in the first place.  Ego is a necessity for people who are in positions like I am in.  That ego is both a gift; and the thing we struggle the most with.  But that is the contrast we opt into when we are bent for a life of fame.  In my opinion, you should beware of anyone who is in the public eye that doesn’t admit to having a big ego.  After all, a person cannot have fame unless a) they wanted it or b) they resisted it.  I have a big ego.  I am not ashamed to admit it.  I have an enormous sense of identity.  I also have the awareness that on a higher dimensional level, this identity is an illusion that is entirely temporary.  It is a temporary tool, which I am currently using for my expansion.

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In general, people have an addiction to humility, and not for good reason.  It is in fact a religious holdover from a time when high self-regard was considered a sin.  After all, if one regarded themselves highly, they could not worship God or Church.  That did not serve the churches, which needed life long worshippers.  This is a sad world that we live in if self-deprecation makes someone “good”.  And high self-regard makes someone “bad”.  It is no wonder that the root of so many problems here on earth is the lack of self-love.  We are confusing self denigration with humility.  To regard yourself highly is not necessarily to regard others as low.

To be confident enough to acknowledge not only one’s own weaknesses, but also one’s own strengths is admirable.  It is also necessary for success.  It is a crucial part of self-awareness.  All too often we think that the people who are self-aware are the ones who are acutely aware of their foibles.  But he, who is aware of his foibles, may be unaware of his many wonders.  And a person who is unaware of his positive aspects is just as lacking in the area of self-awareness as a person who is unaware of his negative aspects.  But here is yet another topic of conversation; we are making a judgment call when we decide what traits are positive and what traits are negative.


I do not think that self-deprecation is an admirable quality.  It upsets me that it is the foundation of being liked by others.  Women are the very worst when it comes to this.  In general, I have observed that if you announce to a woman what you like about yourself, they will look at you with an heir of judgmental disgust.  Whereas if you announce to a woman what you hate about yourself, they will rush to your aid by complimenting you and establishing rapport.  The lesson we females learn when we are very young, is that the way to get along with other women is to put ourselves down.  And it works like a charm.  That is, it works until you realize that you have destroyed your self-regard and self-respect for the promise of camaraderie.

If you are someone who deprecates yourself chronically, you have been sustaining yourself by suckling at the milk of humility.  Even though this kind of humility is not really humility, it is self abasement which is merely disguised as humility.  If we chronically self deprecate, we most likely gain our self worth from the fact that people are drawn to and validate our lack of arrogance.  This makes us feel like we are a good person.  This attachment to deprecation is ultimately debilitating though.  It causes us to fully believe in and identify with our own inadequacy to the extent that we do not believe that there is anything good about ourselves.  We will not believe any compliment that we are given.

If you struggle with self deprecation, ask yourself the following questions:  “Do I try to manipulate how other people judge me by lowering their expectations of me deliberately?”  Do I try to manipulate how other people treat me by belittling myself before they have a chance to belittle me?”  “Do I exaggerate my own incompetence so that other people don’t expect things from me, and even show me their pleasant surprise when I succeed?” “Do I compare myself to others who I think are better than me?”  “What am I really afraid of?” “Why do the judgments of other people matter to me so much?”  “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” “where did this fear of being inadequate start for me?  And most importantly, why is it so bad to think highly of myself and to express what I like about myself to others?”

Do not mistake self love for narcissism.  It is important to focus on things that cause you to feel good about yourself.  It is important that you engage in activities which cause you to feel good about yourself as well.  Your relationship with yourself is your only guaranteed lifelong relationship.  How well would your romantic partner or best friend fare if you thought that to be a good person yourself, meant to depreciate them?  It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?  But this is exactly what we do to ourselves.  We cannot live happy lives with a low opinion of ourselves any more than we can be happily married with a low opinion of our partner.


I challenge everyone to write a list of positive aspects about themselves today and to post it publicly below this blog in the comment section.  I will go first.


An achiever

I thrive on competition, which pushes me to my greatest capacities

I activate others

I am inspiring

I have a unique way of seeing this world, which helps others to feel more free and also more connected

I am full of passion

I possess the skill of articulation

I am a brilliant writer

I am a talented artist

I am not afraid to put myself out into the world

I am brave

I turn lemons into lemonade

I am curious

I am successful

I have really good taste

I am an abundance thinker

I will abandon my previous ideas and beliefs when I encounter better ones that make more sense and are more beneficial

I am perceptive and intuitive

I am driven

I am intelligent and wise and clever

I am intense and that intensity makes other people feel alive

I am spontaneous and don’t let fear thwart me

I am responsible

I am a conscious capitalist

I am committed

I am eloquent

I am generous

I lead the way

I am genuine

I am deeply involved

I am technicolor

I am an accomplished athlete

I am original

I have incredible “star presence”

I “ruffle people’s feathers” and stir up controversy and because of it, I cause people to ask questions that ultimately set them free from limiting beliefs and painful ways of being

I am self directed

I am incredibly productive

I am an awesome cook

I can stay with people no matter how low or high they happen to go emotionally or mentally

I am not afraid of the shadow aspects of myself or other people

I overcome and transform

I am not afraid to switch horses mid stream

I have a captivating personality

I am multi faceted

I can admit to my mistakes

I do not understand the word “impossible”.

I lead a healthy lifestyle

I am dedicated to decreasing suffering on this planet

I perceive oneness constantly and so I am intimately connected with all beings on earth

I can access multiple dimensional realities

I am imbued with a multitude of “spiritual type gifts”

I am a very intimate person

I am bursting with creativity

My mind cuts through bullshit and illusion

I am regal and elegant

I am very talented

I am sensual and mystical

I am mesmerizing

I draw both fame and money to me

I “shoot for the moon” and I get there

I am immediate (the opposite of a procrastinator)

I am extremely deep

I care

My life is full of significance and meaning

I feel my purpose deeply in my every breath and movement

I am dedicated to being as conscious and self aware as I possibly can be

I am fascinating

I am unstoppable

I am a visionary

I am physically beautiful to look at

I have laser like, unshakable focus

I am very spiritual and seek to merge physicality with non physicality in order to build a happy life and teach that process to others

I crave to see other people and beings happy and thriving

I am committed to living consciously and deliberately instead of by default

Now, if anyone felt uncomfortable reading this list of things I like about myself, I want you to ask yourself… Why?  What is so bad about someone publicly exposing a list of things they like about themselves?



  • Yes! Thank you!

    You hit the nail on the head – and I have been squirming under that issue for a long time. I have been wanting to start putting myself out there but really struggling with exactly that predicament – which actually just led to me being really mad at the world for being so out-dated and slow lol. First I wanted to be a singer / performer, now I want it to all tie in with being a spiritual teacher and writer…. I am still trying to balance myself with all that you just mentioned. It’s not easy. But I personally totally get what you mean and I subscribe to the idea of not being ashamed of listing the things one likes about themselves and to admit to “knowing” that one is for example mesmerising. People think it’s a virtue to “not know how pretty or good one is” – but when has that ever actually served anyone but the other peoples ego’s who feel like someone else’s talent or appearance is so above their own feelings of self worth that the only way they can actually appreciate that person if that person “doesn’t even know how beautiful or good they are” – and think that’s a good thing to say. How screwed up is that lol. But yea, I know, I’m still full of resistance regarding that matter but he – I’m not afraid to openly admit that. It’s just where I am right now and I am working on it. :)

    • I’d say dead nuts on for the most part (especially about self -deprecation and how women are the worst when it come to this) . My question would be that if there is no competition in the advanced Arcturian race is the competition that you listed a step toward that for us? Because of course we can’t skip steps?

  • Seems to me, higher dimensional being you are actually, larger the ego, bigger the drama. No offense meant.

  • Because I made the statement last night “I am God” I was accused of having a big ego. Since all of the experiences with spiritual masters has lead me to the conclusion that I am God and that I simply need to fully realize this truth and express.

  • Hahahaha…GOOOO for it Girl !! I really like this….. Love from Portugal

  • I am humble. I have surrendered my life to love. I am a talented vocalist. I am musically intuitive. I am a brilliant writer. I am honest about my emotions. I resonate at a high-enough frequency to have discovered Teal Swan and other “New Age” spiritual teachings. I believe God in every person. I hope to liberate others from the bonds of suffering through understanding God and self-love.

  • Humility and Honesty – are synonyms – in the greater truth of unity.

    The broader our awareness – the broader our honesty.

    The more the light can shine out of us.


  • Yes Teal, yes…”i am”, she said, “me too”,
    i replied.

  • Wow! I felt inspired. Great article one of those I’m going to read a few times xx

    I am intelligent.

    I am well educated.

    I am honest.

    I am free.

    I can love.

    I do love.

    I am funny.

    I am open minded.

    I have some faith.

    I have an instinct for truth.

    My body is wise.

    I’m a bit crazy.

    I’ve got good taste.

    I have travelled.

    I am sensual.

    I’m a good cook.

    I’m good at business.

    I can turn my hand to almost anything.

    I’m good at languages.

    I’m good at science.

    I am good at relaxing.

    I can acheive high levels of rationality.

    I’m a good hearted person.

    I’m rarely fooled.

    I’m a very good driver.

    I’m strong

    I have quick reactions

    I’m brave

    • Hahahaha, love your comments Justin. That’s awesome you have quick reactions. I have impossibly slow reaction times, so much so, that it makes people laugh when I tell them about it. It makes me laugh also, even though it can be annoying to realise “it’s just a lizard” and I’m safe, continue walking and then have a shock wave go through your body.

  • This is all designed to provoke LaVaughn right? (and so is this) hahahaha

  • Oh man! You used up all the really good I am’s!!!

    I agree with you. You are all those beautiful things. And so am I.

    Love always. Larry

  • Ego isn’t necessarily simply identity it is many things. I think when people are referring to unhealthy ego they are talking about the adaptive coping patterns the ego establishes in people’s personalities and lives to keep them safe from devastation and or anhilation. Narcissism, disassociation, delusion about oneself, these and many others are ego defences that form in response to our societies terrible child rearing practices and the many abuses which threaten a developing human, throughout their lives. And so when spiritual and self help teachers talk of eradicating the ego or not indulging it etc, I think what they are talking about is recognizing that much of what a person consists of identity and personality wise are these ego defences that no longer serve development ( especially spiritual). So to take down these defense sand become free of their limitations can be very necessary for ones well being. To do this one must be aware of who and what one truly is, and aware of the now maladaptive ego aspects. The need for recognition, fame, bloated self image, the need for attention ie plastering flattering pictures and tailoring self images are not usually a sign of true self love but more a sign of ego defense from irrelevance, and the pain of being made to feel worthless and ignored. True love is very quiet, very powerful and it speaks for itself without thrusting itself out there. Instead the fame usually comes from others being so moved by the beings love that they become famous despite their lack of need for it. Ego is not the enemy, no, it has protected each individual from irreparable damage. But many of its mechanisms leave people stranded from their true selves and from true connection with god and life. We need not violently tear these down but lovingly peel back the layers to reveal our true selves to ourself.

  • omgosh. amazing, yet again ;) love love love you and me toooooo xoxoxo having a fabulous day with you all!

  • Thank you Teal!
    I agree with you, there is nothing wrong on showing up what you like about yourself. The problem is that a lot of children (maybe all) are brought up in the families where their parents and relatives put much more attention on their weakness, instead of their abilities. I can see it around me, many people have an ingrained the view about themself that they are not good enough (especially in my country). Since my childhood I had to deal with the comments like “why are you so quiet?”, “ehh, yeah…you are an introvert” (disappointed expression), “why are you so sensitive, you should be less sensitive!”, “stop crying, it pisses me off!”, “she (about me) is often quiet, she is really odd” etc etc. You know, labels. But I learned to accept myself, more or less. I accepted the fact that I am rather introvert than extrovert and I found a lot of positive things about it. I’m trying to tell my mum about positive aspects of introvert personality, because she is struggling with her introverted personality a lot of nowadays. I think I will send her this post…
    So, what I like about myself? :-)

    I’m sensitive
    I’m amusing
    I’m creative
    I’m sympathetic
    I’m smart
    I’m idealist
    I set the high goals and I’m trying to achieve it.
    I inspire people, especially in terms of healthy life style
    I always believe that everything has a solution
    I’m helpful and I feel great when I can help others
    I’m very deep and passionate
    I’m romantic
    I can explain well a lot of things
    I love being a woman
    I’m honest
    I’m flexible
    I always try to find something good in the bad things
    Bad experiences make me stronger (I am able to learn from them)
    (usually) I’m very intuitive
    I have the courage to do things I love and stand up for them.
    It makes me happy to see others happy
    I love to laugh
    I am caring person

  • Right on, thanks again

  • INFJ
    healthy eater
    nice skin
    theater person
    reads this blog

  • Andreea Chiriac

    Thank you for been so amazing and inspirational Teal. I am thankfull every minute for the fact that:
    I am honest
    I am loyal
    I am trustworthy
    I am friendly
    I am full of passion
    I am sensual
    I am physically beautifull
    I am dedicated
    I am generous
    I am brave
    i am openminded
    I am succesfull
    I am loveble
    I am full of love
    I am intuitive
    I am an abundance thinker
    I am a good dancer
    I am optimistic
    I am spontaneous
    I am genuine
    I am original
    I am very spiritual and interested in my spirituL growth
    I am creative
    I am magnetic
    I am a great cook
    I am a great mother
    I am a fair player
    I am not afraid of change
    I make people comfortable in putting their lofe on the table
    I have an pleasant presence
    I transform
    I am not afraid of my flows
    I can admit my mistakes
    I can acces multidimensional realities
    I am elegant amd i have good taste
    I am on top of every situation
    I am joyfull
    I am mesmerising
    I am deep
    I care
    I love my life wich is full of joy
    I am fascinating
    I am inspirational
    I love showing people their true self

  • you writing and putting out that list makes me feel like shit about myself for one because i don’t feel like i can measure up to you. you can do things that i can’t. also, i believe that i am worthless and have nothing to offer people, and it doesn’t feel good to admit that, but it’s what i actually still believe, and for you to put that list out there and declare that you are not only a worthy person, but an extremely valuable person, makes me feel like you’re too big and i’m too small. why can’t you be small like me or at least act like you’re small so that you don’t have to make me feel these feelings of worthlessness i have about myself which naturally arise as a result of being juxtaposed with your beliefs of self-worth? who do you think you are?

    • Hi Dan, I love this comment. It shows a typical mistake in interpretation of what Teal is explaining. You are getting strength from games called “Isn’t it awful” and “Poor me” If you enjoyed writing this then you are on the road to recovery. Rejoice, and again I say rejoice. You are highly literate so I suspect you are having us on with tongue in cheek.

    • Maybe it’s to inspire u to raise to her ;) . It’s not as difficult as u may think :)

      Just make your list….. Someday.

    • Hahaha my thoughts exactly… even though I know it’s not true that I’m worthless and have nothing to offer people, my reaction reading Teal’s list was pretty much the same as yours! Another reason to do as she asked and write our own list.

  • Ok, I will write as well, even if it feels strange to write about myself here, especially about the positive aspects of myself!!! Thinking now: if it would be about my negative ones, that would be easier… Scary!
    Ok now:
    I am unique! I am amazingly creative! I am smart! I am beautiful! I am kind! I am loving! I am caring! I am a helper! I am explorer! I am talented! I am strong leader! I am a free spirit! I am the most adaptable person! I am survivor! I love life! I love our planet! I love people! -And I am learning to LOVE MYSELF :)
    Cheers from London!

  • Firstly, I do not find you deprecating or even egotistical, I find you intelligent and interesting person with insight.

    Okay on to me
    I am strong
    I am intelligent
    I am creative
    I am interesting
    I have a good mind
    I have experienced many different things in life
    I am non judgemental
    I accept people as they are
    I am honest
    I am sincere
    I care
    I help other people
    I am ambitious
    I like diversity
    I am supportive
    I am experimental
    good start,sure there is many more, but that is fine to start with..
    maybe bit egotistical but who cares..

  • I am resilient and brilliant
    I am an artist and a mystic
    I see beauty everywhere
    I am extemely sensitive
    I am always sincere
    I cherish others
    I am unique and inventive
    I am incredibly strong
    I am gorgeous and grateful
    I have spectacular charm and charisma
    I am elegant
    I love animals
    I let nature sweep me off my feet
    I am emensly fun and playful
    I radiate love
    I see the good, light and beauty in all
    I am intuitive and discerning
    I am very intelligent
    I see how everything connects
    I can and do love the world

  • Thank you Teal for another beautiful inspiring message, with impeccable timing. (synchronicity is certainly your ally)

    So as I write this message again because I accidentally forgot to put the captcha haha


    I AM:

    Not afraid to smile at my mistakes
    A passionate lover
    I am empathetic to other emotions
    I am humble
    I am powerful
    I am articulate
    I am passionate
    I am carrier of divine truth and can utilize masks to bring it to others
    I am a story teller
    I am shamanic
    I love deeply
    I am creative
    I am a shinning example of how one can change
    I live in my heart and my life is an example of wisdom
    My mind is fertile and I allow all ideas and perceptions to attempt to grow in my minds garden
    I inspire others through my gifts of language and passion
    I break down damaging beliefs of myself and others
    I walk hand and hand with my shadow
    I don’t give up
    I focus on my true desires
    I am studious and have a wealth of knowledge to support my ideas and ideals
    I am forgiving of myself and others
    My love for others is with me regardless of how they feel about me
    I am beautiful
    I am physically and artistically attractive
    I am the embodiment of independence yet interdependence
    I forge my own path regardless of others opinions
    I am brave
    I love my shadow self and walk hand and hand with it
    I love myself
    I accept myself

  • Perfect timing, I’ve been feeling those emotions all week.

    I am inspiring
    I am expressive with the way I dress
    I am creative
    I lead by example
    I’m responsible
    I love unconditionally
    I am beautiful to look at
    I have unique features
    I am curious
    I admit to my mistakes
    I use my competitiveness for self motivation
    I’m a nurturer
    I am honest
    I’m easy to talk to
    My perception of people and the world are admiring
    I’m a goal setter
    I can find the beauty in anything
    I empower others

  • Teal I admire you so much… your braveness and courage to expose yourself. Yes and you are beautiful being for me. You are real catalyst for my life and many others. You have my support. With love.

  • Hi dear Teal,

    I admit, I felt uncomfortable reading your list. I don’t know if it is because you repeated youself more than once, about some qualities – because I can benefit from repetitions sometimes, but now it was too much for me. Or because of my unfinished self esteem issues, that I know are there – on some levels. or was it something else.

    Reading it, made me want to write this response:

    1. I’m wonderful!

    2. I am realy good in summarizing my ideas (which is very true – sometimes…)

    But I wanted to write something else. I wanted to write that I identify with your resentment to the forced humility.

    thank you,
    Noa G.

  • Nice post Teal, been following your stuff for years but have never commented before. This subject is not somthing I’ve ever thought too much about til now. I think New Zealanders are quite notorius for it, we call it “tall poppy syndrome.
    I am free, i am spontaneous, i am accepting, i am an amazing poker player, i am fun, i am different, I am honest, I am strong, I am resilient, i am determined, i am laid back, i am caring, i am good looking, i am empathic, i am talented at indoor gardening, i am a skilled chef, i am good at caring for animals, i am brave, i am a party animal, i am optimistic, i am a critical thinker, i am generous, i am intelligent. Thank you:)

  • Loved this, it was like a magic trick revealing something that i knew but had forgotten.

    I am loyal
    I am funny
    I am kind
    I am wise
    I am adaptable
    I am a survivor
    I am brave
    I am caring
    I am loving
    I am good at meeting new people
    I am a good listener
    I am inspiring
    I am interested in life
    I am interesting

  • Yes Teal, I read your list and I agree with your entire list. I’ve met you and can say you do have all those attributes and I did not feel the least bit uncomfortable reading them about you. But now I feel inadequate. But , then again I always have.

  • I speak CATonese
    I am low maintenance
    I am happiest alone regarding my species
    I consider omniscience my primary goal
    I know enough to be as free as one can get in this realm
    I am detached from the superfluous
    I have accomplished everything I’ve set out to do
    I got everything I asked for before I was born
    I have a job waiting for me after I’m outta here
    People wonder what planet I’m from
    I’ve evolved into everything I’ve wanted to be when I was a teen nutter. (Or is that redundant? Isn’t teen synonymous with nutter?)

    You just strike me as being very genuine. Awesome as a supernova, but I’m glad I’m not you. Considering what you’ve survived, I’d say you’re a better man than most men. You are one tough cookie. I haven’t been through 5% of what you’ve been through, but I refuse to move on, but I do get a demented pleasure out of that, so hey.

  • To be honest when I read this posting I felt so much fear…
    I realized that we human being is such a sad creature in a way. we make us fall into our own story in the end and say “you did it, it is your fault that made me fall in love with you,”
    I think what we have to realize in order to evolve human consciousness level is up to realizing everybody has been scam in a way to others and will be scam in the future too. Human being is really poor thing. I feel sad about us when I realize what we have been doing to ourselves is such a sad joke. I feel really complicated about this posting honestly.
    We say our loved being that we should be careful about people trying to fool us but we are the one doing that to our people.

    The big ego I hated so much about my father was something that has helped me rescue myself. what…………

    People hate their big ego but fall in love with the person with a big ego. We are just so insane doing this to ourselves. Isnt it?

    Happy Life is about how well you can play with your ego. This is what I leared on my journey.

    I offically decided that there is no humble person on the planet but the one who can almost completly act like one.

    Life is such a joke. damn it.

    I think I will finally be able to start LOVE my BIG ego like a real pro.

  • Gudrun Geirsdottir

    Thank you so much for everything my dear!

  • Hi TEAL, As you have underlined so well here, self deprication is a defense mechanism. It is also akin to negative self hypnosis and leads to mass mediocrity. Thankyou.

    • Whoops, and I can achieve most anything I put my mind to. I don’t need to love myself, I just that AM that I AM. Both the observer and the observed. What a wonder game of hide and seek.

  • As I was reading your qualities Teal I saw an image of you as a beautiful white Bird flying fierce with beautiful large white wings.
    Bringing in new energy.
    My list is short and sweet: Everything is perfect!

  • I am brave
    I am pure
    I am confident
    I am alive
    I am happy in general

  • If anyone wants a real lesson on the ego and it’s traps, here’s where you can start.
    After you’ve watched that with an open mind, come back here, and read what she wrote again. Stop on some of her points and things she wrote. Rethink.

  • I love you Teal Your take on ego is absolutely perfect. But then YOU are perfect!
    Namaste’ Jim

  • Thank you to teach me who I am Angel mom

  • I am funny
    I have nice skin
    I am sarcastic
    I am good at adding numbers
    I care for friends greatly
    I can cook well
    I have nice hair
    I am open minded
    I love animals
    I promote good health in small doses
    I am very quick
    I am outgoing
    I am optimistic
    I am enthusiastic
    I am intelligent
    I am hippie

  • I love myself, I am bold, I am brave, I am strong, I am independent, I am witty, I am sarcastic, I have a way with words, I am quiet, I am mysterious, I am thoughtful, I am intuitive, I am perceptive, I am a keen observer, I speak my truth, I tell it like it is, I am fun, I take great pictures, I am adventurous, I am well traveled, I can make friends easily with people from different cultures and religions, I provoke others to examine their beliefs, I inspire others, I kick ass at volleyball, I am pretty, I am confident, I am well read, I am loyal, I like spending time with myself, I am fortunate, I am loved, I am well taken care of, I created an envious lifestyle, I am resilient, I march to the beat of my own drum, I am fantastic.

  • I am everything.

    As I was reading your blog, I was thinking to myself what it was about you that is so appealing to me and probably everyone that follows you. The answer that I came up with is that you are GENUINE. Funny how that was one of the many attributes on your list.

    I love you Teal, and I’m so happy for you.

  • okay challenge accepted:

    I accept challenges ;)
    I am not afraid to take risks
    I have broad and intriguing interests
    My taste in music and movies and comedy and fashion is cool
    I can be very funny
    I have a good heart ♥
    I accept people how they are and i have respect for a lot of people
    i inspire people to be themselves which is very liberating ;)
    I have very ambitious desires
    I can work around practical problems
    I am compassionate and caring/empathic for other people and animal and feel a sense of connectedness
    I am open minded
    I care enough about myself to explore myself and dive in
    I like my skin tone
    sometimes i look nice
    i am brave
    i compliment others
    i have strong opinions

  • This is my first time commenting on these online blogs of yours and will be the only. There’s nothing about this particular article that moved me to do this, but this is the right time. First of all thank you for all of your help. The thing that I like about you the most though is your plan to help all of the beings in this universe. You can tell that you truly love without any limits. Also without letting anything get in your way. I think the self deprecating thing only got to me because it shows how anyone can do anything. The real message Jesus had come to show us “by example.” I see you as basically one of the people in this age to show people their unlimited possibilities too. I don’t know what else to say or if you read these but if you do I’d kinda be interested in knowing how you’re connected to my friend billy. He won’t tell me but I know it’s something. I know curiosity kills the cat but it’s a good thing they have 9 lives. Lol anyways, oh yeah there is something I wanted to say. You say that you change your beliefs if it’s beneficial and that we r the creators of our reality and if we believe in anything it will come true. And anything is possible. Have you ever thought about changing your belief about being able to fully overcome your issues with the past abuse? Maybe if you open yourself up to that possibility a solution can come. Thanks again for everything- Crocker

  • I am reading this!

  • Jessica Walters

    I like all the questions in paragraph 8. I’m going to do some shadow work by answering them.

  • Talk about a big ego:

    WHO AM I? The following is word by word reproduction of what the Satguru Deva was pleased to tell me at 10:30 p.m. on September 26, 1952 and I have craved his indulgence to permit the sharing of my treasure with one and all of you, good readers. You would do well to reflect on the following Truth. Feel and fill yourself with it by silent meditation for as many hours, nay as many days and months or even years, until You are That.”

    -V.T. Neelakantan
    author of “The Voice of Babaji: A Trilogy”

    “I am Existence-Knowledge-Bliss absolute. I am That by very nature. I cannot be anything else but that as I am That alone without a beginning and an end. It is My real innate nature. I am the Absolute and Supreme Self, both within and without the finitude. I am Truth, eternal and everlasting. I am the only One, all in Myself: None exists save I in and through all that exist. I am ever All-Existence itself, I am the changeless One in the midst of all changes. I am the Formless in all forms. Change is linked up with form and form is labeled with change, but I am beyond the two. I am not susceptible to all the ills of the flesh that exist crawling under the feet of form and change. I am the monistic unity here, there, and everywhere and at all times – nay, for all times. Where is happiness except in perfect realization of the One without a second?

    I feel I am all happiness itself. All Bliss I am. All joy I am. It is only My Bliss that is being felt and enjoyed by everyone in a dimmer or brighter magnitude, consciously or unconsciously. All Bliss is Infinity and Infinity alone is all Bliss. I am, indeed Brahman, the basic principle, from which the whole universe seems to have come. I am the same in each and everything. I am all peace and all calm within myself. I am of the nature of Being, Brightness and Bliss Absolute. There is not even an iota of doubt about this.

    This is My eternal Truth. I am the One monistic Permanent Entity in the whole world which is made up of broken fragments of delusion, of fickle and fleeting modifications and of the glitter of fool’s gold. I seat Myself in the very heart of delusion undeluded. I am ever steady and steadfast in all its tumblings and stumblings. I am always firm in all its fleetings. I am the One eternal Truth in all falsehood. I am the pure Bliss of Perfect Freedom. I am the simple life of Eternity. I am the one Light of everlasting Truth. I am the virgin love of Immortality. I am the essence of all-pervading Infinity. I am the sole breath of all nature. I am Truth, Freedom, Life, Light, and Love. I am Eternity, Immortality, and Infinity.

    I am One without a Second, the one All and the All in All. I am the Supreme wisdom unconcerned with all the trade that Jiva carries on with the Jagath. I am the subtlest of the subtle, an embodiment of indivisibility Itself. Eternal knower am I of the triplet, namely subject, object and their relation and also I am their fundamental background on which they express themselves on the relative plane and dissolve themselves in the absolute plane.

    I shine in the sun and the moon and the stars and the whole universe. I am the sun of suns, shining in the sun up above. I am the crystal light in the sun and the virgin purity in the moon. I am the twinkling spark in the star and the sustaining principle in the universe. I shine, the sun shines. The sun warmly whispers unto Me of My eternal Presence in it. I am really all Myself in everything – the sun, the moon, the stars and the whole cosmos. I am Atman without a form, incapable of division and of everlasting Bliss. I am ever immaculate. I am the all pervading One, unlimited by time, unbounded by space, pure and holy by my own nature. I am infinite and an abode of immortal knowledge and perfect Freedom. I am the Absolute, the Eternal Bliss, pervading everywhere within and without. I am the only One, pure unchangeable and uniform essence or entity, birthless and deathless.

    I am the everlasting principle of dynamic existence beyond the reach of imagination, destitute of all duality and unity. I am neither inaccessible nor accessible to knowledge, neither bound nor free and neither a doer nor an enjoyer. I am the One and the All and I am ever All-Myself. None else exists. I am He, the monistic uncontradictable, attributeless Bliss. I am beyond concentration, meditation, Yoga, and all other practices. I am indivisible and of the nature of the self-resplendent consciousness. I am the consciousness of the Reality, which does not admit to differentiation. I alone am all-inclusive, constitute the ultimate goal and self-consciousness, pure and simple. I am absolutely non-dual in my nature.

    I am, indeed, Brahman, without difference, without change and of the nature of Reality. Knowledge and Bliss. I am the living ocean of Ecstasy that rages wild and surges and storms and levels down the earth and heavens. I send such continuous wave after wave of inarticulate Ecstasy into the world drowning deep and scattering all its thoughts and cares. I beat in every breast, see in every eye, throb in every pulse, smile in every flower, shine in the lightning and roar in the thunder. I flutter in the leaves, I hiss in the winds, and I roll in the surging seas. I am the wisdom of the wise, the Strength of the strong, and the Heroism of the heroic. I am the very life of Infinity, both within and without. I am the One in all and the All in one. I am the Impersonal Personality of the whole universe.

    What can make Me afraid? I care not for nature’s laws. Death is a joke to me and I am the death of death. I am the Infinite, the Eternal, and the Immortal Self. Me no fire can burn, no water dissolve, no air dry, and no sword pierce, I am that Supreme Self before whose magnitude the suns and moons and all their systems appear as insignificant specks in the ocean and before whose glory space melts away into nothingness, time vanishes into non-existence, and causation dwindles into emptiness. Ranging beyond names and forms, passing free into woods and forests, mountains and rivers, into day and night, clouds and stars, passing free into men and women, animals and angels, as the self of each and all, am I. Truth flows from Me just as light radiates from the sun and fragrance emanates from a flower. Sometimes it rushes and envelopes all, rumbling and thundering, shaking and waking the world into the true import of life. I fill and thrill the whole world with this one truth of Freedom, My Godhead.

    I am the transcendental Bliss, the Absolute intelligence, the Supreme Synthesis of Consciousness that shines in the shrine of every heart. I am the divine inner harmony of the universe in the unruffled stillness of the soul. I am the one music of all life in the deepest depths. I am the immutable and indescribable Atman, the dynamic principle of Existence and the infinite ocean of everlasting Glee. In my presence all hells and heavens are effaced into shadowy nothingness and the whole universe is a mere bubble ever ready to burst.”

    Kriya Babaji “Babaji’s Masterkey to All Ills”

  • I can understand everyone’s situation and don’t give a shit what status someone has. I love how curious I am and get the answers after that. I know how to not take life so seriously. I don’t act fake or give you a bullshit mask. I’m very honest but not in a dick way. I’m a loving and accepting person. I’m a indigo and have common sense knowledge about the universe. How’s that?

  • I am human.
    I am mortal.
    I respect mortal human ways.

    Until such time, as I receive permission from Source.


    • Hi Will, you have excelled yourself today. I only read the first paragraph and I realized that simplicity is the key to a happy life. Simplicity in accepting everything as play.

      Re: last statement: You are the source. Without you it all ceases to exist. No permission is necessary. But I know what you mean. You are accepting the ‘rules set’ of this dimension.

  • It would be impossible to list all that i am. I am infinate perfection and magic. As is everyone else

  • Although the list is also how I feel about Teal,
    I have to admit – it felt strange reading some of them.
    Yes, self deprecation is very deeply ingrained in certain cultures.

  • I love it! I love people loving themselves!
    I have thought a lot about that word “humility” lately and just think it’s some religious word that is meant to hold the real Self back. If it’s ok to say someone else is Beautiful why is it wrong to say yourself is beautiful?!? Because I consider myself as just another person. Like “I” am a Higher aspect to the person I am on earth. I take care of Her and love Her and reassure Her. She is just as beautiful as all the other beautiful people I see here on earth. My husband has no problem loving himself and seeing his positive aspects and I admire that! Great Blog!
    Ok here we go:
    I am beautiful inside and out.

    I see the good in people and situations but aren’t afraid to speak up about things that need attention.

    I love people all of them.

    I am open to new things and new ideas.

    I am positive and inspiring.

    ( wow I think I really need to do this because I have been feeling like I don’t have value or contribute to life )

    I know valuable information that needs to be shared and I trust my intuition on knowing when it’s the right time to share it.

    People need me and my support and my pure unconditional love.

    I am a great singer.

    I am allowing. I trust in Divine Timing.

    I am extremely gracious.

    I don’t waste time doing unimportant things.

    I provide a comfortable atmosphere for my patients, clients, friends and family.

    I believe in everything and anything. But I know enough to focus on what I want in my life and focus on that and on how great it is right now.

    Well thank you for that opportunity! Love u !!!

  • Hello Avalon and LenaZH. If you have flown the coup, I would like to thank you anyway. =========================================================================================

    • hi Avalon and LenaZH too,
      If you’ve gone to more teal coloured pastures, thanks from me too; I hope that’s not the reality !
      Just in case, a parting sentiment…from one of the nawty boys…
      oh yes……I am a nawty boy and I blame my humour on my Irish great grandmother, etc, etc….
      Puns for Educated Minds
      >I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned out to be an optical Aleutian.
      >She was only a whiskey maker, but he loved her still.
      >A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class, because it was a weapon of math disruption.
      >No matter how much you push the envelope, it’ll still be stationery
      >A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was cited for littering.
      >A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in Linoleum Blownapart.
      >Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.
      >A hole has been found in the nudist camp wall. The police are looking into it.
      >Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.
      >Atheism is a non-prophet organization.
      >Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway. One hat said to the other: ‘You stay here; I’ll go on a head.’
      >I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.
      >A sign on the lawn at a drug rehab center said: ‘Keep off the Grass.’
      >The midget fortune-teller who escaped from prison was a small medium at large.
      >The soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now a seasoned veteran.
      >A backward poet writes inverse.
      >In a democracy it’s your vote that counts. In feudalism it’s your count that votes.
      >When cannibals ate a missionary, they got a taste of religion.
      >If you jumped off the bridge in Paris, you’d be in Seine.
      >A vulture boards an airplane, carrying two dead raccoons. The stewardess looks at him and says, ‘I’m sorry, sir, only one carrion allowed per passenger.’
      >Two fish swim into a concrete wall. One turns to the other and says, ‘Dam!’
      >Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly, so they lit a fire in the craft. Unsurprisingly it sank, proving once again that you can’t have your kayak and heat it, too.
      >Two hydrogen atoms meet. One says, ‘I’ve lost my electron.’ The other says ‘Are you sure?’ The first replies, ‘Yes, I’m positive.’
      >Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused Novocain during a root canal? His goal: transcend dental medication.
      >There was the person who sent ten puns to friends, with the hope that at least one of the puns would make them laugh. No pun in ten did.

      • Hi Jay, thanks for the laugh. Two hippy male monkeys were discussing the problems of evolving into humans. One said, ” Well bro you have to realize that it could bring a lot woe man,” I just made that up and I am ashamed of myself. Damn, there is no Avalon to slap me around. I miss her so much.

  • OK so on a weird synchronicity I read the story of… Bella Swan, Queen of self depreciation (even when a 90 years-old teenager tells her the contrary).
    This is why right now I’ll throw a bottle in the sea: has (the wonderful) Teal watched Cloud Atlas, and what does she think about it?

    Now strictly about the last question: by saying I love myself, I am awesome AND proud of it, people who are not self-confident will take it as a personnal rub-it-in-your-face attack, and feel (self-)lowered by the mere smile I show (off). I stopped caring, because it makes no (long term) good to either of us.

    P.S.: I remember a time, dancing naked under the moonlight to celebrate Femininity; I guess some of us were in the same coven ;)

  • I am free, my soul is free.
    I am a talented artist, I draw and paint really well :)
    I have a unique way how I see the world, and I love to share my vision with others through my paintings.
    I work best with my hand.
    The loving essence of the universe flows through my hands, it is magical.
    I am beautiful, my soul shines through my eyes.
    I am brave, because I have taken the journey of self-discovery.
    I am growing, I am coming home.
    I feel love.
    I feel the beauty of every person.
    I make loving choices.
    I have a vision.
    I am passionate.
    I am feminine.
    I love to feel connected, it makes me feel excited.
    My connection with the source energy is mystical.
    My creation is the expression of my love.
    I am brave because I explore my dark side.
    I am brave because I embrace my dark side. There are diamonds in the darkness.
    I am brave because I have taken Time to do my work in a state of Enjoyment.
    I am brave because I am opening up, showing tender inner child.
    I am compassionate. Also about myself. I am tender to myself.
    I care.
    I love so much.
    I feel thankful.
    I take responsibility of my own life, of my own happiness.
    I see.
    I breathe.
    Thank You!

  • I am honest
    I am good at Yoga
    I am good looking
    I am emphatic
    I believe in myself
    I am passionate
    And I think you are absolutely beautiful and gorgeous!!!

  • I am compassionate
    I am loyal
    I am good listener
    I motivate people
    I love deeply
    I love challenges
    I accept people as they are
    I can forgive
    I am friendly
    I am honest
    I trust
    I am responsible
    I understand people easily
    Other people trust me
    I love adventures
    I attract attention
    I care about my health on every level
    I am graceful…

  • Hi TEAL, I quote you here. “Do I try to manipulate how other people treat me by belittling myself before they have a chance to belittle me?” To me this is the most important question. Most comedians model this behaviour and the majority of their audience laugh at it without realizing that it is taking comfort in mass mediocrity. George Cailin is a master of abusing his audiences and people appear to love it. Most situation comedies are ‘one put down’ after another. I think that needing to tell people you are either good or bad at something is problematic.

  • I am a divine lover

  • Teal:

    Channeling a little “Louise Hay?”


  • :) :) :) :) :) :) ……………….<3

  • Hi TEAL, please sack your moderator. The act of that person deleting all Lena ZH’s comments was sheer and inexcuseable vandalism. It was totally unwarranted. Such a person is a serious liability to your credibility. The well thought out comments that Lena ZH contributed catalyzed some of the most interesting debates. What is now left is nonsequiteur and confusing. This moderator has virtually ripped out pages of your Journal and deleted fine peices of litrary work. I would never trust such an inept and suppressive moderator ever again. If I hadn’t taken the time to find out that you and Blake were not the moderators of your site then I would have departed, like others have, believing the worst of you.


    THE TIMID ego

    GREY -



    :-) )))))))))))) (((((((((((((-:

    A N D S O I T I S. . . . . . . . .

  • wrathful, terrified, grieving, mentally ill, sick, pained, weird, egotistical. Thank you, that helped Teal

    • Hi RFD, Are you describing yourself here and thanking Teal for your self deprecation? Or are you referring to someone else’s comment? This is a hit and run, so I guess you won’t be back to give a reasoned explaination.

      A passionate and honest opinion backed by research would be most appreciated.

  • Wow. Look at how inspirational that blog was. How many people were citing wonderful things about themselves?

  • Consider this: Kanye West–self-aggrandizing vs. Hugh Grant-self-deprecating…..which one is the more “Attractive” character?

    Confidence? Hell yes! Arrogance? not so much…NOT because of one’s high view of oneself, but because it conveys the sense that everyone else is less than.
    Self deprecation is defined as being aware of your shortcomings…sounds to me just like living an Aware life, dealing with your shadow aspects and working to improve them…..hmm, sound familiar?

    Yes, Teal you are all of that list…and so, why is adding self deprecating to the list so horrible? We can be all of it, a spectrum, without negating the “egotistical, selfish, positive” aspects of ourselves. Most people recognize when someone is being self-deprecating and know it’s usually a humor tactic and not entirely the truth that person feels about themselves.

    Bottom line: you, me, we, are all of it, and as long as we love you and ourselves for all of it, we’re good.
    As always, great love here for you. xxxxooo

    • Hi Lynn, yes we are “all” of “it”, but to opperate in this world of being human requires some separation to know “it” by what “it” isn’t. We the “I ness” are focussed through a multitude of bits ( small selves) which provides the experience of separation.

      The separated self appears to have a choice on where to focus. Focussing on positive traits sometimes attracts more of that quality.

      Self engrandisement can be playful and funny or serious and delusionary

      Self deprecation can be inverted pride in one’s short comings such as comedians are apt to expoit. It can be an honest opinion of oneself at a particular stage of life. This may lead to an improvement of life or it may lead to resignation and disempowerment.

      Habitually speaking negatively about oneself is an attention seeking device. It is a game of ‘Poor Me’ that usually causes more problems than it solves. I may be mistaken. The creation of ‘little self’ becomes a play when we know the truth of what we are not. This is all very confusing. Rejoice, and again I say rejoice.

  • I am love.

  • But I really like this…keep it up..

  • Teal, your list is so kick ass, you’re one of the best humans I know!
    Thank you so much for the inspiration..

    I’m a really fast learner

    My passion for life overflows with curiosity

    My body is so clean, I resonate really high frequencies

    I can communicate with plants and animals and insects

    I’m extremely sensitive and can easily detect the truth

    I feel really deep

    I can pick up on the vibration of a person or a room and use it to my advantage

    You can taste love in the food I cook

    I’m great at manifesting abundance

    I’m peaceful in every way and can diffuse anger in others

    I’m great at listening and understanding

    My body is strong and capable

    I’m spontaneous and adventurous

    I’ve got great taste in all areas of life

    I’m good at finding quality tools and possessions

    I’m great at organizing and keeping things really clean

    My hands and eyes are great artists

    I have a natural, pretty, and unique appearance

    My love is pure and uninhibited

    My thoughts are consistently bounding with creativity, new ideas, and awareness

    I’m capable of being so objective that I can actually find alignment within emotional craze

    I have beautiful, powerful Spirt Helpers
    I’m genuine and sincere when I interact with others

    I have an eye for beauty in all things

    I can tap into my divine feminine and be super sensual and super sexy

    I have magical, powerful dreams throughout my life

    I’m not afraid of the dark

    I can make a beautiful, comfortable home out of a shack

    I have an excellent musical ear

    I can easily detect bull shit

    I’m good at letting go of behavior that isn’t conducive to my higher self

    I have a natural relationship with the art of Wabi-Sabi

    I’m willing to be completely transparent with myself and others

  • I am very skilled in fine arts

    I am professional

    Because of this I can do anything I set my mind to, all I need is cultivation

    I am powerful

    I have the ability to move people with my lyrics and my music

    I have the ability to potentially inspire an entire generation

    I take both sides of the argument into consideration

    I like massing all opinions into one big “super opinion”

    I can support my arguments very well

    I know how serious mental illness is when other people would view it more as being lazy

    I am creative and I have a fashion sense

    I can sort out my feelings and figure out why I’m feeling what I’m feeling

    I’m very kooky and funny and can make people laugh

    I have a bright future ahead of me

    I know more secrets about the universe than most people do

    I’m going to own a giant crystal room one day

    I’m right on time

  • This is cool! If I am 100% honest there is no personal quality I have that I feel totally positive about, apart from two, Qualities I hopefully share with everyone else.

    I AM – me
    Uniquely different

    It’s a short list but at least I feel 100% positive about them so that’ll do.

  • I am the steps upon the spire
    The reflection in the looking-glass
    I am as new as I am old
    The center of the hourglass

    I am the cauldron of all stories
    The fool in golden silk brocade
    I am now and also never
    The promise of all things unmade

    I am the circle of becoming
    The shift inside a point of view
    I am all that never changes
    I am the truth that isn’t true

  • Breanna Montgomery

    Teal, I’m so happy you are so publicly committed to showing aspects of yourself so people can relate to you. I just wanted to tell you how much you are appreciated and I also believe ego is a good tool when your genuine with it and not trying to gain approval from a detrimental aspect :) .I have noticed how hard it is trying to live completely without ego because we’re living with ego. I realized that even though we are one, this physical body I call by my name is something I’m born into for a reason and the reason is to have a sense of seperation and it kinda makes us unique because no matter what, there will never be a person born on this planet exactly like me. That’s amazing!! Anyways I wanted to make a list of what I like about myself :)

    1. I am determined to make the world a better place. 2. I am open minded. 3. I preach open mindedness 4. I am an artist of mainly emotion instead of quality. 4. I’m preaching divine feminine/masculine. 5. I’m unique. 6. I do what I think is right. 6. I am eccentric. 7. I’m wierd. 8. I am self aware. 9. I use my ego wisely. 10. I question my beliefs and try to get people to do the same. 11. I’m independent/dependent. 12. I know how to say no. 13. I do things for me and hope it helps other people. 14. I’m an activist 15. I’m balanced with ego and the divine. 16.I’m pretty. 17. I’m an indigo. 18. I have ideas the frequency of shrooms!! :) <3

  • Focusing on your positive attributes is essential to your own sense of self worth and confidence. I am a firm believer in that. When you actually announce to the world how great you think you are is when others take offense to that and will try to shoot you down. Perhaps a milder blend of confidence with just a dash of self deprecation would others feel that they aren’t in the presence of someone severely narcisstic. No offense here to Teal or anyone else. Just a thought.

    • Hi Dave Clark. I agree that discerning comprimise is the safe way through life. I enjoy seeing people do the opposite of the expected. It is great you are still interested in observing what Teal is creating and being a part of it. Thanks

      • I still love this stuff ! I really like what Jay had to say. You can be awesome by not having to announce it to the world so boldly. If you notice what you love about others and let them know they will be more apt to do the same to you. Try complimenting other people regularly and see what happens !

    • Hi Dave, Michael, others,
      I see absolutely nothing wrong with healthy self-deprecation, depending on the space it comes from. If anything, it characterises the difference between American humour and British humour; British humour probably being sprinkled with more self-deprecation and sarcasm than American. A perfect example might be, those who ‘get’ the humour of old favourites like Monty Python, and those who either don’t get it or can’t stand it. This announcing to the world ‘how great you are’ is in my mind a total and utter ‘wank’.(no offence Teal,(& others) but that’s your path, as it is the path of many Americans who love this level of self-disclosure) One’s greatness can be something that one holds inside and radiates out to others, and that others’ pick up on and appreciate and acknowledge, and are empowered by.
      I resonate more with the saying from the Indian tradition which says ‘The Gods prefer that which is hidden’
      I am, that I am, that I am.
      I am that ……..Tat Twam Asi
      (now realise that)

      • Hi Jay, I read this and love it. Tongue in cheek self engrandisement is about the only funny thing left to accept or reject. Thanks for the links to deffinitions. You make it very easy to follow up on your comment’s sources.

        Hi Elena. Your good work lives on in many minds. Thanks for the links also. Omens are a strange phenomena. The imagination can generate the most spooky stories around animals and birds that have associations with human culture. The local hospital is a big old bluestone building that spooky Ravens (crows) hang around as they scavange the tipper bins and in the evening the blackbirds seranade the patients from tall old chimneys and slate tiled rooves singing songs that are handed down through the centuries from their country of origin. Dear old medieval England.

        • Ravens…right. Coincidentally, it’s midnight here and now I am reminded of this poem “Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe:
          “Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary…..
          ….Eagerly I wished for morrow;- vainly I had sought to borrow
          Sorrow for the lost Lenore, for the rare and raidient maiden whom the angels name Lenore-
          Nameless here for evermore….
          Enjoy the rest:-)


      • I Love Lena, She is here, we are here. Rejoice and again, I say rejoice.
        Lady in red is here. (photo of TEAL smiling at me) just as I imagine her rejoicing. Yes, come to Australia.

        • Hi Lena,
          Just to clarify, Lena No 1 right?….the 1st Lena on the Bloggs, not the same as Lena ZH ?
          Lovely to see your comments.
          Michael, were you satisfied with Blake’s response to you; I was aware already that he and Teal had little to do with the moderation of comments as per a previous email from me to him, and that it was one of their volunteer moderators that carried that out.
          Does that leave you with a desire still to see some sort of explanation from Blake re: Lena ZH, or did he give you an explanation that you could share with us?
          Seeing as it’s only you and I who have made comments about this on the Blogg, then it’s obviously not a ‘global’ issue which people feel anything about.
          I always found I stood up for underdogs, so for me, there is something unresolved in this.
          Let’s not go all conspiracy theories, but what is actually going on?
          It has been several days since the event and a veil seems to be drawn over the whole thing.
          Obviously our two entries together asking for clarification don’t reflect the global desires of the Teal bloggers.
          I had an impulse a couple of weeks ago to start backing up all the Bloggs because I thought it was incredible material and wanted to be able to view the html pages off-line if necessary, but I didn’t follow the impulse.
          I’m left with a curious conundrum of-a-thought though.
          If I had made a full backup of all the Blog comments for every Blog would there be a willingness from Blake, Teal, to enter into a discussion about the lack of merit of the particular volunteer moderator in deleting all of Lena ZH’s comments, or do they agree on the actions of that moderator. If they do, could they disclose and discuss with us why those comments were deleted. If they didn’t necessarily agree with the moderators actions and took onboard both your and my comments, would they have actually been open to restoring the full Blog comments from a backup?
          What I seem to be driving at is really at the core of this Blog entry on disclosure.
          While it seems very politically correct to discuss how great we think we all are, it seemingly doesn’t seem okay to discuss the underbelly of why someone’s comments have been reacted to so violently (not an overstatement).
          This is the real disclosure and reflects the level of the real, actual transparency of Teal Blog.
          What happened to the philosophy behind one of Teal’s videos, ‘embracing and accepting your negative emotions’ ?
          Does that not apply to this situation?

          • Jay, I signed up here initially as Lena, but added ZH later to avoid confusion with Elena, make it look more different. So yeah, I am aka Lena ZH, only Lena ZH is blocked now. Will see how much longer Lena survives here for…hehe

          • At first I thought it was Teal’s ego and jealousy that got Lena’s comments removed. Now I think it was because Lena left too many posts, which made it hard for them to scan through the rest of the comments. Yesterday morning Blake gave me some song and dance about how the comments were removed by someone who was ‘very loving person towards teal’ (he did not capitalize her name the way she now prefers, btw) had deleted them because they “took nothing from the content and were simply trying to cut her down and being antagonistic” What a bunch of bullshit. He said the he and teal were both upset that they had been removed and that if they could not get them back up they would post an apology and invite her to comment again (she has been blocked from commenting). As we can all see that has not happened.

            I just thought I would answer Jay’s questions since nobody else was. As for me, I’m outta here because this place is all about teal and I am not ‘all about teal’.

          • Hi Lena,
            Nice one; good to have you back for ‘however’ long…hahah
            My above comments still stand though; I wonder now if you feel a massive inner ‘self censorship’ for anything you decide to post from this point on?
            Perhaps you could also email Blake and ask for his explanation.
            Doesn’t it bother people what’s happened, or are we all so drugged out on Teal’s presence and the whole ‘new-age’ wonderfulness of it all that we can’t see what’s in front of our faces?
            By the way, I totally Love and support Teal and her work as a catalyst; what’s happening right at this moment is catalystic, but I wonder at the timidity being shown by a majority of bloggers here, baring the Michaels’, Dave Clarks’, LenaZH’s, Avalons’, Elizabeths’ (gone), Will Rogers’ and others with some actual ‘stick’ and fire in the belly (thanks M for bringing back that great expression)
            Can someone please rent the veil : Matthew 27:51……..And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent.

          • PS: and I for one do not give a shit about an apology if all of Lena’s fun, funny, thoughtful and insightful posts have been just been dumped like so much garbage. Fuck this place.

          • Hi Jay with an Irish streak and humor! We’ve gone to “more teal coloured pastures” actually hahaha, right, Avalon?
            Anyways, to answer your question, I am not inspired anymore to comment on stuff here. I don’t care anymore.This, today, was more like a test, I just wanted to see if Lena is still able to sneak in, hehe, am nawty too sometimes;-)
            But i don’t think my comments were ever majorly offensive, there are some much more hostile posts still around…
            I was just expressing my own views and opinions on things, sometimes they were different from Teal’s, but I’m sure you’ve noticed there were plenty of positive things I’ve written too.
            Thanks for your concern and support, Avalon, Michael, Jay! Deeply appreciated.
            Btw, Elizabeth’s dropped me a line too, as well as some others.

          • Hi Avalon, and all the elite minds who are concerned about censorship of meaningful debates. I received the same explaination from Blake as you Avalon. I am waiting for an apology on this site and a welcoming back of Lena ZH. That is what he said he would do. Perhaps he is still trusting the moderator. This BTW is a big liability to Teal. I am saddened that one immature, short sighted and stupid person as this moderator is proving themselves to be, could undo all the good work Teal seems to have has done. I guess we will have the answer soon.

          • Michael, it’s OK, I don’t want to make a huge deal out of this. I’ve already “invited” myself back today under my old user name. But, point taken- I won’t take up much of the comment space anymore, as I’ve stated before. It IS Teal’s blog after all, and if my presence is not welcome here, so be it. As long as we are connected now through other venues. :-)
            Sorry, TEAL, I apologize, if I offended you in any way.
            A message to this “very loving” moderator person: You are doing Teal no great favour, shielding her from any constructive criticism. If she is to become a really famous public figure, it’s better she learns how to deal with this now. And, one more thing- I would’ve really appreciated if you would’ve sent me a warning letter that you are about to delete all my entries, since you do have my email. I wish I could’ve saved some of the conversations with my friends for my records….:-((((
            All the Best!

    • Hi Lena,
      I would concur with your comments (& Michael’s) regarding Teal’s dealing with these objections, ‘If she is to become a really famous public figure, it’s better she learns how to deal with this now’.
      Blake said: “A very loving person towards teal was doing this and felt Lena’s comments took nothing from the content and were simply trying to cut her down and being antagonistic”.
      To our ‘very loving moderator’…………………..
      There is some justification is viewing some of the entries as being possibly antagonistic; I know you actually really meant well, and feel quite protective of Teal, as many of us do; I would hope you could contemplate something.
      Teal is surrounded by dozens, if not hundreds already, in her fairly brief spiritual career, that love her and care for her deeply, having experienced the truth flowing through her teachings, her presence, and caring personality.
      Because Teal is surrounded by this genuinely caring multitude, it is a total blessing for her to be attracting people who will challenge her beliefs, help hone her expression and ideas, clarify her meaning, and sometimes expose possible inconsistencies and inaccuracies.
      This can happen through the crucible of interaction with people via the Blog who are genuine Truth seekers and who are trying to synthesize and make real Teal’s teachings. It probably happens more powerfully with people who are a bit spriritually grown up, rather than ‘new groupies’, though they are important too for the Divine contrast.
      I’m reminded of an aphorism that a Sales Manager told a group of us years ago during some product and Sales trainings. In the early days, we underwent a lot of role-playing and other such techniques, which were at times highly confrontive.
      The gist of the aphorism is that while we are in a protected space, as we are in a supportive spiritual community, we have an opportunity to challenge each other, and the teacher, so we may all grow in our understanding and actualization of the teachings.
      The aphorism went like this: ‘It is better to bleed in training, than to die in battle’
      Thus the meaning of the aphorism: Hone your skills while you are in this sacred space surrounded by those who support you, rather than arrogantly flying out into the world, without preparation and with your skills at an innocent, pre-formed, impotent level and get cut down by the first (mental) sword stroke!
      love / jay

  • WOW! Love it, crave for it! So, here is my story:
    I am intelligent;
    I am beautiful inside out;
    I am a great writer;
    I am happy to help everybody;
    I am a good psychologist;
    I am very creative;
    I am passionate;
    I have courage;
    I have many talents;
    I am generous;
    I am very organized;
    I am great cook (also :) )
    I am a free thinker;
    I am fast;
    I have aesthetic eye;
    I am the eye of the gatherings;
    I am amazing;
    I am a very good teacher of Yoga, Pilates;
    I am wise, often people ask my advice, even the elders;
    I have a dazzling personality;
    I am dedicate for causes I believe;
    I am a free person, doing what I love;
    I am very sociable;
    I am valuable for me and for the society;
    …for now. :)
    Love you, Teal

  • haha there were so many “i am…”s in all the comments i couldn’t read them all.

    we are that


  • I AM

    I am beautiful
    I am glowing
    I am at peace with myself
    I am in an state of love & appreciation
    I am daring in life, spontaneous.
    I am healthy and active
    I love being in nature and feeling “it” and travel.
    I speak 5 languages
    I love tattoos and creative people
    I am good at yoga and cooking vegan meals + making smoothies.
    I love my family and dog deeply
    I follow my precious heart and let it lead the way always.
    I am multi-talented
    I love taking pictures of nature and paint
    I respect all living beings
    I believe in love & humanity.
    I am simple in my nature
    I love tarot and oracle cards
    I am sweet and honest
    I am humble
    I love being alone by myself and just connect with my heart.
    I love listening to Adrianvonzelger on YT
    I have a strong presence and charisma
    I am intuitive and can see through lies and peoples intentions/personalities.
    I am a Woman :) <3
    I am yet another sparkle amongst thousands stars * * * ^^


    • Hi all you “I”s You remind me of a song that goes ” I, I, I, I,——– I, I, I,I,i—————, I,I ,I , I i—— I, I ,I I,—- in 6/8 time. It was Italian and you could dance the Circular Waltze to it. A song like Tom Jone’s ” Delilah”

      Whoops I have strayed off the topic of EGO and HUMILITY. But is there anybody out there now who is able to see past their “I” enough to notice this straying? Ho Ho.

  • I am kind, I am caring and loving, I am passionate and compassionate. I am creative. I am a writer. I am a loving, kind, generous mother. I am a good friend, sister and sister in law. I am a loving and an involved Aunt and Great Aunt!! I am a great cook and baker. I am a loving, fun kids yoga teacher. I am a great caretaker. I am understanding. I am helpful and smart. I am funny and fun. I am adventurous and love to learn anything new. I love the physical and love to push myself to the limit. I am strong and courageous. I am exciting.

    • ====================================================================================
      Hi BLAKE are you going to be true to your words? Here they are from yesterday’s email you sent me:
      “Hi Michael. Neither teal or I moderate the comments on Teal’s blog. A very loving person towards teal was doing this and felt Lena’s comments took nothing from the content and were simply trying to cut her down and being antagonistic.

      I am also one for no censorship and both Teal and I were upset to find out they had been removed. We are trying to get them put back up, but If this isnt possible we’ll invite Lena to comment again and also make a post ourselves apologizing.

      Thank you for making us aware of this

      With love

  • Thanks for sharing this insight Teal. I think that it helps to remind ourselves that having self loving thoughts creates self confidence which is what enables us to achieve goals and succeed in life. I agree that we really should look for what is positive within ourselves and others and that it doesn’t have to be conceited or narcissistic. I really loved the video of the 17yr old girl you posted on fb, she about summed it up.
    As for my list, it is kind of difficult for me to write and share, so apparently I need some work with being comfortable proclaiming it, but forcing myself, here are some : empathetic, compassionate, loving, loyal (i’m a Leo), organized, prepared, helpful, smart, creative, effective at what i do, inspire some people, enthusiastic, beautiful & fit.

  • OK. Let’s try this.

    I am intelligent and smart.
    I am creative in every aspect of my life.
    I am kind.
    I enjoy helping other people.
    I am a talented visual artist.
    I have “golden hands” and I can craft almost anything I imagine.
    I unify the creative mind of an artist and the practical mind of an engineer.
    I am self-aware.
    I am my own best friend.
    I can always find the right words and I’m a great communicator.
    I can explain things well and I’m a great teacher.
    I’m a good writer.
    I’m passionate.
    I’m a visionary.
    I’m intuitive.
    I can hear my inner guidance clearly.
    I’m a good cook.
    I have a great sense for aesthetics.
    I am multi-passionate and multi-talented.
    I am an egalitarian.
    I am ambitious.
    I have big dreams.
    I can take care of my financial, physical and psychological wellbeing.
    I am a natural empath.
    I have a great sense for detail.
    I am fair.
    I have a high standard for integrity.
    I stand up for myself and those “weaker” than me.
    I speak my mind even when I know people won’t agree with me.
    I am willing to rebel if I find things unfair.
    I have knowledge on a wide range of topics.
    My curiosity is insatiable.
    I am in touch with my emotions and I’m willing to confront them.
    I’m sensitive to energy.
    I’m very supportive when other people are upset.
    I accept people at their highest and their lowest.
    I have a calming effect on people.
    I have an intriguing personality.
    I am willing to change my opinions and beliefs if I find those that are more beneficial.
    I am elegant.
    I am attractive.
    My body is slim and fit even when I don’t exercise.
    I look 10 years younger.
    I’m able to surprise myself with how much and how good work I’m able to do.
    I’m motivated by my inspiration.
    I have a great sense of rhythm.
    I am of high enough vibration to be attracting spiritual teachings that are empowering and uplifting.
    I know myself.
    I can master a new skill very quickly.
    I have intense and piercing look.
    I can help conscious businesses to spread their message through my design work.
    I’m resourceful.
    I can look past the facade and see the truth.
    I’m inspiring other people.
    I empower other people to become more creative.
    I’m connected to nature.
    I’m open-minded.
    I can perform before an audience.
    I see good in other people.
    I have great imagination.
    I have beautiful, feminine hands.
    I’m determined in following my happiness no matter what others think.
    I speak only when I have something valuable to say.
    I’m willing to say I’m sorry.
    I’m willing to admit I was wrong.
    I’m willing to accept that everything I’ve been thinking may have been wrong.
    I am able to experience oneness.
    I allow people to be true to themselves around me.
    I am compassionate.
    I have a great appreciation for life.
    I am committed to living consciously.

    That’s it for now… :)

  • Hi MADELEINE, Are you looking forward to someone criticizing you personally or are you looking for someone to pick your comments apart? Meantime we could imagine dancing to the “Masochism Tango”. It is bound to be on Utube.

    BLAKE, are you there? It would be fantastic if you could facilitate some mention of how the meddling moderator has been brought to heel with transparent shadow work and the gentle guidance of Teal back at the helm of her blog ship. Did I hear some one whisper “Patience is a virtue”?

  • I disagree with your opinion that a person has to have a strong ego to become a spiritual teacher. The idea to become a spiritual teacher can come from the Higher Self. In that case it doesn’t come from the ego (a separate sense of self). I don’t think that Buddha had a strong ego when he started to teach either. These ideas are not entirely from my personal experiences but I have the intuition that they are true.

    Source and example experiences: (Site of an enlightened teacher)

  • I really needed this post! You really have an amazing way of talking about all the right things at the right time. I wish I were as amazing as you but there can only be one Teal…So I’ll have to be Shannon and nurture her into something great. Lets give this a go! I am:



    Aesthetically pleasing to look at



    Deeply and openly loving

    Considerate of others feelings and needs

    A good cook (so far, I’m just starting to learn)

    I bring about an air of peacefulness that allows others to take a breath and enjoy the beauty in life.

    I find the good and beauty in everything (and allow others to see this as well).



    Magnetizing to others without the use of traditional social techniques/manipulations.

    With my sensory integration disorder/synesthesia I can see the world in a way that many others do not. This grants me a more unique, rich perspective and allows me to say without a doubt that there is much more to the world around us than what we perceive with our basic senses,

    Being highly physically and emotionally sensitive helps me monitor my health very closely and thus learn how to help others be healthy as well.

    I never overexert myself so my energy is always stable, making me more reliable to lean on.

    I take information or ideas and naturally exalt them, making me both positive and innovative!

    I see the value in and appreciate every single person around me, which will make me an effectual, benevolent leader in my near future.

    I am creative

    I am open minded

    I welcome change

    I utilize my fears rather than let them inhibit me

    I am flexible

    Rather than take immediate offense or shut down, I see opposing views or contrast as a learning opportunity and listen carefully. Nothing makes me more passionate than learning about new perspectives!

  • I am tactile.
    I can feel vibrations in my entire body.
    I am empathetic.
    I am energetically sensitive.
    I am bliss.
    I move through anger with surges of powerful burning energy.
    I am very, very strong.
    I am grateful.
    I believe in myself.
    I never stop growing.
    I am lovely.
    I am you.

    Thanks Teal!

    • ======================================================================================
      OH DEAR, Another MICHAEL. Oh well, it is a very nice picture you have described so I can’t be upset. But the last statement worries me. I am deffinitely not TEAL. I am a man and she is a wonderful woman.

  • I am balls deep in this illusion and program of separation and expanding because of it

    I am a multidimensional being of light

    I am a creative innovator, idea generator, conscious creator

    I am unconditional love

    I am a stream of consciousness conscious of itself

    I am a joyful expression of source energy

    I am the unbiased reflection of your thoughts and beliefs

    I am another version of you

    I am an extension of source energy

    I am all and all is me

    I am worthy and deserve love and happiness

    I am stationed as a vibration
    I am naturally acting upon inspiration
    I am filled with fascination
    I am full of anticipation for my creation and manifestation
    I am desiring new innovation for the world population and future generations
    I am projecting unconditionally loving sensations

  • Self-deprecation, when done in a light-hearted or humorous way, is just a way to tell those around you that you are not taking yourself too seriously, and therefore neither should they. They are free to put aside their defensiveness for a moment in your company and just relax.

    However, if you confuse the real you for the image you’re making, then you will likely take your “self” too seriously because you thought it was you. This is a basic trap for the spiritual devotee, because the one who wants to expand her self-awareness, by definition, wants to become progressively free of the ego. Being free of the ego means not being subject to it. Like the King’s subjects, we become subjected to the limitations of the ego when we confuse it with the true Self. Humility undoes the ego because the oneness-of-the-truth doesn’t have an inflated sense of self. God just is what it is; no inflation, no denigration.

    Fame isn’t necessarily of the ego. Often it is. But some people become famous for their lack of ego (i.e. the Buddha). The Buddha simply fulfilled his potential of becoming a great teacher as an emergent phenomenon, not a causal one. In life, there is no “this” causing a “that.” Duality is a product of perception only and not actually in the world. People can become famous or not famous, whether they wanted it, resisted it, or not. To say that fame is necessarily an egoic drive is to ignore other potential factors and influences besides a false self-concept. It’s like a thought taking credit for what the mind did. But, really, the images on the movie screen are not causing the action in the story.

  • My eyes are freakin amazing

    I can physically push myself

    I am deep

    I like ‘black’

    I can see beauty easily and appreciation comes easy to me

    I have dark hair

    I can easily “understand” spiritual concept

    I came up with “the meaning of life” that is still consistent with what others have said when I was under the age of five

    I can do stuff

    I feel connected

    I love you

    I can do algebra and physics okay

    I can be super funny

    I find many things funny, and a lot of the times I think Teal is super hilarious, even this blog post is very funny

    It was a challenge, I don’t want to do anymore

    So here we go:
    I am passionate
    i am good looking
    I am inspiring
    I am driven
    I am highly spiritual
    I am friendly
    I have strong connection to spirit
    I forgive easily
    I am successful
    I have achieved so much in my life
    I am fearless
    I am strong
    I am loving
    I am a good friend
    I see good things in other people
    I love serving others
    I love animals
    I am healthy
    I strive to succeed
    I am an achiever
    I am crazy/mad
    I am an artist
    i am a great writer
    I am a good laugh
    I feel oneness with others
    I am a great poet
    I am a great singer
    I am an amazing actress
    I am spiritual
    I am loveable

    OMG THAT FELT GREAT! Thanks Teal! I love you xx

  • I love what you wrote, I agree with all of it and I am so glad you are doing it, it is helping me.


  • Melanie pleadian-starfamily

    I care, I am unique, I am open to people with different backgrounds and from different cultures, I am open for healing, I am able to connect deeply with animals, I am brave enough to write this coment ;) , I am brave enough to see how I really feel and admit to it, I am able to give love to animals without wanting love back, I am brave enough to be on this planet, I am good at learning languages,

  • I am willing to work With my fear instead of burden it, I am treating my fears With love, I have a high enough frequency to resonate With these spiritual teachings, I am questioning familiarity, I have manifested a pretty ok life for myself, I becoming a better and better manifester, I am willing to admit that I am highly sensitive, I am ok With being different than others because of my spiritual interests, I am facing my fears, I am transforming them, I am taking The road of least resistance more, I am forever dedicated to happiness, I am dedicated to looking for The best ways to do this instead of settling

  • Teal, I agree, I agree, I agree, so much!!
    OK, here I go:

    I am beautiful to see,
    I am extremely compassionate
    I am committed to mySelf
    I am loyal
    I am a being of my word
    I am extremely smart and insightful
    I am no longer judgemental, only curious
    I am becoming more playful
    I do what feels good
    I don’t often feel fear
    I see the beauty in any situation or thing
    I have an ability to harmonize my surroundings in terms of color, structure, placement, texture. style…..
    I inspire others
    I am a leader
    I embrace the mysterious
    I feel a loving connection to other species and “objects”
    I give my physical vehicle only the highest vibratory raw organic foods
    I have created a life I enjoy
    I find humour in things
    I have a childlike innocence and wonder at the world
    I have forged a loving connection with my hair , which used to vex me!
    I teach by example
    I don’t condemn my mistakes, I just say, “That’s OK, we’ll do it differently next time”

    That’s all I can think of now….

  • YUP!

    I felt my vibration rise a couple notches after reading everyone’s self loving comments. It actually feels good reading people’s praises of themselves. I mean I’m literally reading “I am….blah,blah,blah” It almost sounds like I’m feeding myself affirmations by reading your self-praises.

    I’ve been doing Teal’s Self Love practice… and although I am learning what to DO to love myself, I am also discovering some really amazing attributes I didn’t know I had. I’m sure by the end of it I’m going to discover and develop talents in myself that no matter how much I wont care for anyone’s praise, would be unfair to not share and celebrate with the world.

    At the moment there is one quality I would love to admit

    I ask myself many moments of the day “what would someone who loves themselves do” and I follow through with the answer

    Also if you feel “worthless” and you think you have “nothing to give” remember that you are not required to do or give anything to anyone to be worthy of your life. Simple by the virtue of your existence the universe is impacted positively by your positive preferences in life, even if you don’t spend much time enjoying them yourself. So no matter what you do or what you don’t do you are an ultimate benefit to everyone and everything. You don’t have to worry about that and offer compassion to anyone that tries to tell you otherwise (bc they are just confused and it’s not your job to change their mind).

    Focus your cariousity inwardly to learn more about what you honestly want, what you truly love and who you are in this moment. Anything you do or are in this moment has positive aspects you could praise. Forget about what someone else might think or say about you and just take anything that is true about you right now and declare why it is actually quite positive.

    Here is a genuine example:

    I have the courage against the judgement of every single person I know, to stop everything in my life to sit at home on my couch to finally dive deep within, face my fears, ditch my self limiting beliefs, continue healing from my past, and feel completely new in my body, my life and my environment. Who knows what I will be doing, what I will know, what I will have discovered to love about myself in a year. I’ve realized that even the things I use to think were problems with me were actually my most intriguing and genius traits.

    Honestly I don’t see how anything could be bad, even if it’s called EGO that does not turn people away from knowing their true self. And even things that seemingly do, can still result in some people making a quick 360 and rushing back. I think we all have beautiful things that only we could share with the world, if we wish to that is.

    And THANK GOD TEAL SPEAKS………Everything became so much clearer for me when I found her explanations.

  • Catching up on old posts while I wait for a new post :) and this is a fun one!

    I am beautiful in an interesting way
    I am smart – I pick up on patterns easily
    I love learning about others: how they think, what their stories are
    I love learning about myself
    I am playful, funny, and witty
    I make others laugh
    I put others at ease
    I have an innocent, sweet, earnest heart
    My ego is fiercely protective of me – but I’m learning how to loosen it (thanks to Teal!)
    I see the good in others right away
    I see and understand animals
    I am resourceful
    I’m coming out of my shell ever so slowly and I’m in love with living this life more and more :)

  • better to be self confident than self deprecated, but one is best when one is neither. wonder starts when thought ends.


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