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All that we have possessed is not really ours if we can only take from this world, that which we have brought into it.  All glory, all prestige, all money, all power, fades like shadows when we cross into the light of death.  And so the very idea of possession is corrupt.  We come; we enjoy these borrowed moments upon the earth.  But what are you without these possessions?  After all, it is possessions that give you your identity.  And yet, even identity itself is a temporary possession.

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I watch a new baby reaching for things in the airport and I know that he has started his journey, the journey of loosing himself.  He does not know that what he possesses (the innocence and detachment of pure being-ness), is something that he will spend the rest of his life trying to get back.  He takes it for granted in this arcade of distraction that we call life.  His eyes follow the glittering colors and the migration of people down the corridors.  The peacefulness of his being is becoming lost to the development of his mind.  Sometimes I smile to myself when I hear people suggest that there is such a thing as peace of mind.  A man who knows peace and a man who knows the mind, is wise enough to know that the two concepts co exist like oil and water.  Peace can only exist in the absence of the mind.  Where peace is, the mind is not.  And where the mind is, peace is not.  And so it should be.  This is how it was designed to be.  So that this child may one day find his way back to what he took for granted in the first place… himself.

I can possess nothing.  I can only enjoy these borrowed things.  My borrowed paint set, my borrowed bed sheets, my borrowed house, my borrowed land, my borrowed clothes, my borrowed body, my borrowed beliefs and my borrowed minutes.  It is scary to know that one day you will be stripped of anything you did not come into this life with.  It is a scary enough notion to cause emperors to bury themselves in darkened tombs littered with their riches.  But it is also freeing.  There is an inherent sense of nudity in the knowledge; a sense of exposure to the world which makes you feel like you have nothing whatsoever to lose.  It is liberating (if you let it be) to know that all you create is not really yours.   When you die, it will all pass on to the next person who wants to borrow it.  In essence, all things that we think we own, are borrowed from the future.  And if we know that we are borrowing all things that we come into contact with, we save ourselves the pain of attaching to them as part of ourselves.  We save ourselves the pain of taking our creations personally.  And in the absence of that identification, we allow them to fly.  When we offer them that much space, they can stretch their wings and morph into their own creations; creations far more brilliant than the vision that we could ever hold for them.


When I contemplate the borrowed nature of my very life, I am left only with one question… What do I want to borrow?  There is no wrong answer to this question.  The only mistake we make is not asking ourselves this question in the first place.  We borrow a great many things that do not bring us joy.  And instead of throwing them away, we haul them on our backs year upon year, waiting for someone else to pass them on to.  It is a tragic kind of poetry the way we make ourselves suffer.  And an even greater tragedy that we believe this suffering makes us good. 

 Watching the people stand in line at the help center in the Atlanta airport, I was reminded again that people who are full of fear can never move beyond the known.  They can never take the risk of throwing away the familiar weight of the belongings, which no longer serve them.  And the heaviest of all belongings, are their beliefs.  They bend and break under the heaviness of them.  But to them, it is not an option to let go of their belongings.  “Do not leave your luggage unattended, please be sure to keep your belongings near you at all times” is the announcement that comes across the airport PA system.  It is ironic.  The kind of irony that is as bitter as it is sweet.

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  • Unattended – mindfulness?

    Lovely piece Teal – a unique view into how we can all see airports, & life differently – with a finger on the pulse.

    Fabulous gift, this blog – thank you – how you make time to do all that you do . . .

  • Amazing yet again baffled at the synchronicity… you were just here. Thank you for the reminder. I love you.

  • Omg you were so close to Memphis! If you ever need a tour guide in Memphis I am your girl.
    Thank you for those beautiful thoughts about everything borrowed. It is so true! I love my trees and plants and home I am borrowing!

  • Sweet reprieve. Thank you, Teal. :) Love and hugs. ^^

    Love & Light,
    Seqkat =^..^=

  • Somebody wrote – Death is the stripping away of everything that is not love

    Just knowing that means that ‘we DO create our own lives’ so why don’t we/ believe it?
    Well, i do more and more every day.
    Oh man, you make me feel weird and wobbly and all kind of strange lol.
    I have the proof i need.
    I feel like the colonel gonna run through the wall to the next room in the men that stare at goats.

  • Thank you, Teal. You are right “on” with “your borrowed” blog today. :) Just a little aside, since you are in the throes of further developing various aspects of your business: did you get permission from the people in the above photo to take their photo? Despite the reworking of the image, the people are still identifiable. Just asking you to relfect on this aspect of copyright, as well as other typical aspects of business, because those who believe they “own” things of this world can take legal action against for monetary gain. I don’t want to see you hurt, or your “borrowed” name made disreputable. Just wondering, as well, because of all your wonderful Saturday videos that contain a host of helpful images. Life can be tedious get copyright and permission, but it can get even more tedious if someone takes issue with sources takes without permission. Nonethless, thank you, dear heart, for being a wonderful source of Source!

  • To add to this comment, I thought of individuality. Are we really individual or do we all make up just one being who some people call god? If it is so then I should love everyone around me, because that some one else is “me” and god at the same time. Yet it is so hard to like some of those who show attitude of destruction, hatred and selfishness. What do you think?

    • Hi Sarunas,

      It looks like you and I are in the same boat. I was thinking about god and individuality today too; it’s a question that just goes around and around in your mind like a broken record if you try to over analyze it!

      Imagine you are listening to a beautiful piece of music. The patterns of each note are equally lovely and unique, yet they form a cohesive and unified melody. But if there were no such thing as sound, how could this melody be heard? Likewise, if God, or Source, wasn’t real, no soul could come into being. The way I understand it, each individual is like a note. God is both the music and the prevailing silence, and mystery, dwelling underneath it all. Is individuality borrowed? I think it depends on how you define individuality.

      So am I you, are you me? Not really, not in my opinion! But are we part of the same? Yeah! People lose connection with the melody, and that’s because we let our egos get in the way (“Me…Me…Me!” Just like a little kid who needs to learn her manners!) It is hard to like people who are selfish or cruel. It’s even harder to try and see past it. Ultimately, they aren’t the enemy. Destruction, hatred, and selfishness are. Teal has some valuable articles on this on her main site. Look up “Relationships and The Six Human Needs.”

  • Mysti Kissler Bush

    I lost everything I owned and cherished. I still have trouble with a few of the items when recall strikes out at me over them. I realize from this loss how fortunate I am to have experienced my life now without any baggage. Nothing gets in the way of real truth now that material possessions aren’t weighing me down, fogging up my view. I just wish I could get past the loss completely. I watch my grown children now, collecting their “things”. What do we replace our things with? The joy of life on this beautiful planet? Nature? Friendship? Service tho others? One thing I do know, all that is life here is as you said; borrowed.

  • Airports always invoke similar feelings in me. When people are between destinations, if not trapped in fear, they can experience a little temporary virtual freedom. Airport terminals are the echo chambers of sad farewells and joyous reunions. Sort of like hospitals, but more definite in flow. I try to tell people visiting hospitals to exit through the maternity ward for rejuvenation. Airport experiences are always worthwhile when I spot returning soldiers joining their families.

  • Hey Teal
    much love from Sweden and me. You are so right again. I don,t understand how someone so young as you are have so much wisdom. I just started a blog in ,matsholger, there i tried to explain fear but i am not sure if i made myself understandable.. but you are so clear and so easy to understand .. that,s also a gift. If you someday had the time to give me feedback on that blog of mine concerning fear you would have make my day for years ahead… take care../// Mats

  • Teal, I get it. Shoulder getting lighter everyday.
    Thank you. Big Love, SY*

  • Ha, love it!

  • Amazing insight – my consciousness has expanded. Thank you

  • I was just there in the ATL airport, hehe would have read this article then but those greedy wankers charge for wi-if in the airport while they make you wait for the delayed flight…ha oh the airport experiences.

  • Gudrun Geirsdottir

    Such truth.


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